Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birthday Dinners: Dad and Lexi

Syracuse, NY
July 13th 2015

In July we have two very important Birthdays just one day apart. My dad's is July 11th and my daughter's is July 12th. As what has become tradition...we all had a dinner out to celebrate. Lexi call's us all the "fam jam".
 This time it was at Tully's . Above is all four kids, my parents and one of Lexi's friends visiting from out of state.

Lexi got a few gifts. (She also got a zebra striped lamp from me to help decorate her new home.)

I love when restaurants sign happy birthday and this time it was for ice cream sundaes. Dinner at Tullys was delish and we had a great time with family. Happy Birthday to my July peeps!
Happy Birthday!!!!