Sunday, October 4, 2015

Chimney Bluffs State Park

Chimney Bluffs State Park
Wolcott, NY
Aug. 2015

I am so far behind on my blog, and I have been so busy...but I don't want to miss out on one single trip I made so here we go... Goal of the day...Get caught up on my blog. 
First off let me explain that along with working, my family, and my recreational full life...I have been active in WEIGHT LOSS!!!! 30 pounds to be exact!!! With this extra weight loss I have been better equip to walk and HIKE!!! So I have been busy with getting out there and taking in the hiking opportunities.  Friends had posted pictures of this place on facebook and I was intrigued!!!! I had to get out here and see it for myself, it was certainly impressive!!! and it was a BEAUTIFUL day for a hike.

a glimpse of the bluffs off Lake Ontario...Pretty neat hun?

a few pictures before the hike...
Ready for the hike....Tammy Allie and I are off!!!
The trail looks pretty tame as we start off...
as we hike upwards we begin to see trees hanging over the cliff. Some had actually fallen onto the shoreline. Another reason I was so intent on making my way to this beautiful park....the embankment is eroding and it is questionable how long these incredible natural beauties will last.  

All along the trail we had the water by our side stretching for miles and miles...somewhere over there is Canada...hard to believe another country is just a waterway away.
The first bluff we came upon.
They really look like something out of an old 60's Star Trek  movie set.
I can just in-vision Capt, Kurt reporting beam me up Scottie!!!

These are simply amazing,

All these pictures are from neat as they are some of the trails to view them are pretty scary, steep and very narrow...only way to go is straight or DOWN!!

Even some of the signs warn!!! Stay back!!

There is not much to say but WOW!!!

Some of the trail...This one below was quite an incline. We all used some part of our bodies we don't typically use in climbing along these trails. It was a real work out. Tammy is making it look easy....
A little information about the park.
On the return walk to the cars, we walked along the rocky coastline...
and caught some views of the bluffs looking upwards..
They almost look like monuments carefully carved, and you can get a glimpse of what these "mountains" are made off and just how much is eroding.

This one almost looks like one of the Egyptian Pyramids.
or perhaps out in the desert somewhere in the west....
They are truly incredible.

another close up of the make up. Rain, rock and sediment created these amazing natural sculptures.

The calm cool waters....
and rocky beach...I never saw so many rocks. I took some for my collection.
along the shoreline edge aclimbing the cliff wall was this "clay" like mass. Soft and mushy to the touch. I am guessing this was what those mountains of bluffs once looked like....
here is one that humans have assisted with...Rocks gently placed into the soft soot...

We each added a rock to the collection.
We scaled those same steep walls up to the main trail from the shore and made our way towards the park entrance. Grateful to have had the experience, the joy of people I love and the incredible world of amazement before me!!!