Sunday, October 4, 2015

Clark Reservation State Park

Clark Reservation State Park
Jamesville, NY
Aug 29th 2015

I am attempting to get caught up on my blog trips today..I still have the entire month of September to hit and that happened to be one very busy month for any is a quick little blog spot on Clark Reservation.

Carol and I hit the not so easy terrain on the paths of Clark reservation. This trail is not for you if you don't like climbing big rocks. This trail has some pretty rough climbs over some pretty BIG boulders, but its an enjoyable walk, and I had hoped to get in a few miles as I have been working hard at diet and exercise.

 You can be sure to work up a sweat climbing...but what you can view through the trees is beautiful.
 We were told there is a trail that leads to the bottom of the lake and around, but we never did find it and Carol needed to be back for her kids...but we did do some serious hiking just the same. We came upon private land and decided to turn around and head back. Next time I will have to check out some of the other trails as the one we went on was the only one I had been on before..
 I believe there is a nature center here as well, but we never went off the main trail and did much exploring of the park. We hiked we sweated we climbed and turned around and loaded up. Nice day for a hike and we certainly did enjoy ourselves. Good prep for my April 2016 mountain climbs I have been telling Mary I will join her on for the last few years....Preparing for my bucket lists....
 This was pretty much what most of the trail looked like. ROCK upon ROCK!!! Below is some more rock. I wondered about it's almost looks like lava. I'm sure these mountainous rocks were formed by some ice rather then hot lava, but I lack the knowledge on these things. There was also no information at the main board offering such or a trail guide.
 This is pretty interesting....I wondered who built it..I am pretty sure this was not a natural occurrence. It reminded me of that show "Naked and Afraid"....Well if we got lost (which really is near impossible if you simply follow the trail) we would have a place to stay for the night.
 Wood Pecker? tree rot? or bugs?? I really do need a naturalist out there on the trail with me. I don't have a clue.
 Another example of the trail....this one is all rock. I was thinking that this must have once been a waterbed and perhaps these rocks we had climbed were a long time ago waterfall. It has never been either in my lifetime, but it sure makes one wonder.
We finished up the trail and I drank about a gallon of h2o and we were back on the roads towards home. Great fun doing many things at once, spending time with friends, exploring nature and getting a good workout!!!