Sunday, October 4, 2015

Old Forge, NY/Enchanted Forest.

Old Forge NY
July 5-8th 2015

Ahh! The heart of the Adirondacks...Old Forge, NY

Old Forge, NY is perhaps one of the most popular Adirondack destinations. Home to the tree's, lakes, camping, outdoor sports, BEAR and of course Enchanted Forest. Nestled in the Adirondack woods is this beautiful little town that is sprinkled with rustic outdoor living and modern luxury. I personally have ventured to Old Forge at least a dozen times in my life, and traveled through it a dozen more. This town is the gateway to everything ADK.
My family has spent vacations here often over the years, and we always have a great time. At the Old Forge campground we have enjoyed the hikes, the campfires, games, s'mores and even a few themed weekends.....specifically Halloween, which we had done several years in a row when the kids were younger.
This weekend was just about getting away and enjoying the great outdoors.

Our long weekend vacation destination at Old Forge Camping resort.
Our little two room cabin. Perfect for a family of four (or six) and two dogs. One of the reasons we chose to come to ADK camping resort was because they would allow dogs in the cabins. (I cannot believe how many places do not).

Cute...(I'll admit it is VERY expensive...must get an RV.)

First up is a little fishing.
Riley was all about some fishing....

..and some swimming.

Riley loved the outdoors...

While the boys fished and Riley did some swimming. Peanut and I did some picture taking..

The lake is so pretty.
Well Hello Mr. Duck...(must be Riley is to busy in the lake to notice.)

Ben adjusts his line...THIS must be why the fish wouldn't take the bait.
The outdoor decorations...BEAUTIFUL!


The first day at camp, we pretty much enjoyed the outdoors and RELAXED, Then the boys got restless and did some rowing.

This was the first time the boys went out on their own, A little scary...hard to believe they are GROWING up!!!

Row row row your boat....

They seemed to do pretty well. I remember days of going out in the row boats as a kid. These ADK lakes are the best to do some boating. The color of these lakes always reminded me of tea. Several hundreds of tea lakes. 

Knowing that Riley was enjoying the water, we put him on the longer leash so he could go some distance. He simply loved the water...He will have nothing to do with the pool at home, but he couldn't get enough of swimming in these lakes.

Peanut would have none of the water.

We took lots of LONG walks around the campground. I ran into some friends along the way, both human and animal.

As a surprise I found that two of my friends were also staying at the campground, My friend Melissa; who I only saw briefly; she is one busy gal. and my friend Regina from high school. She noticed my facebook pictures and asked if we were all here. YEP!!! We found each other and spent some time catching up. (can you believe I never did get any pictures of my friends.)

The morning bliss....BEAUTIFUL!

I enjoyed the natural beauty.

We had plans to go to Enchanted Forest and set out early on one of the days we were there.

We were some of the first people to arrive, and the forecast expected RAIN! I was glad we did go when we did as it kept the people away. Regina told me it was packed that Sunday and Monday...We got lucky that the crowds never got to big...BUT it did RAIN!!! No harm no fowl, we were enjoying the water rides anyhow.
At the entrance is Paul Bunyon....

A view from the  umbrella's.

One of the things I enjoy about these older parks are these characters.  Storybook characters that and nothing ride like at all, but so beloved.
Of course my guys did find a way to "ride".....a fun "hot dog"...
and isn't this Cinderellas carriage complete with the Fairy Godmother?
Ben get's into the over right next to a candy house after following breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel,
Mary's garden has some great "Silver bells" that actually make music.
There is even a petting zoo, complete with sheep and goats. would be nice.

How about hanging with Humpty?
There are some really fun shows too. Check out the INSANITY in this guy jumping rope on top of a spinning circle several feet in the air.

These adorable little dogs do some pretty neat tricks...

That INSANE guys is at it again.....why not walk on a think wire and take a seat right in the middle?

These are the things that Enchanted Forest was originally known for, the characters, the shows, a few rides and of course living in the wild west....and hey I found two outlaws,.

No older park would be without these old fashion cars.

I'm not even sure how Mark fit in there.
Despite all these wonderful nostalgic park must haves....Today Enchanted Forest is all about THE WATER PARKS... (it was raining this time...but guess what NO LINES)

Some water tubing....

I simply love the look on Gavin's face!

We had so much fun at Enchanted Forest. A late afternoon ice cream at the Pied Piper in the village and we were back at our snug little cabin in the woods. We spent the next two days enjoying the outdoors...

Peanut was sure happy to be out in the WILD....he almost looks like he is smiling,
Wildlife in the ADK is quite common....there were several ducks,

and I caught this little cutie under the cabin deck...He was quick trying to get a picture was tough.

We saw some deer, and a host of birds, but the NUMBER 1 wildlife sighting I was not fortunate to see.....BEAR!!! For years bear sightings at and around Old Forge has been documented. There once was a dump (I recall seeing as a child, but have no idea where it is located.) that had bears often rummaging through it, but I think this has been discouraged and better care to confine the area has been made since. Rumor \at the campground was BEAR were seen and seen often. I had hopes of seeing one...preferably from a GREAT distance away but close enough to get a good picture of course This never did happen however, late one of the night I awoke to people yelling "BEAR"'d of thought an ALIEN had landed and was taking people up to the mother ship. I heard cars running, people screaming, lots of talking. I tried to see out into the darkness,...but I never caught a glimpse of what I understood to be a momma bear and her cub. After some talking most of which I only heard in pieces, but one was up a tree, and off a distance. As the discussion died down I fell back to sleep content to tell my family of all the excitement (I don't know how they slept through it) the next morning.
The following morning as I begin to tell of the exciting news, my husband busts my bubble....he had taken Riley for an early morning walk and guess who walked right in front of him...That momma and baby bear. I missed it...guess that's what I get for sleeping in, and of course he did not have a camera.
Guess I'll have to stick with photos of non moving natural beauty...

One one of the days we visited the Village of Old Forge...

The Adirondack Hardware is full of fun things to look at and has just about ANYTHING you can think of.  

We enjoyed the rockers and of course any good hiker needs a walking stick.
oh yeah and just in case while hiking you do run into one of those bears, can give him your hamburger hat...maybe they will fall for it.
We had a late lunch at Walt's diner.
and did some shopping at the Life is good store.

Lots of outdoor fun, some excitement at the Theme Park a little R&R and our little vacation was coming to an end....Good Bye Old Forge..till next time.