Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pirates Weekend: Alexandria Bay, NY

Alexandria Bay, NY
Pirates Weekend
Aug. 15th 2015

I had heard what fun and had always wanted to make a trip out to A-bay on Pirates Weekend, this weekend we made our way out to the fun.....

I am not sure why or even if there were EVER pirates that made their way to A-bay, but there must be some historical rational for this annual event, or perhaps it simply is just plain old fun to dress like a pirate and blow off false cannons...either way we were able to take part in this fun event.
First up was a Pirate Parade, which we had walked on incidentally after we parked the car.
Let the pirate fun begin.
and what a beautiful setting for such fun. After the parade there was little happening, had I been more prepared I think we would have found ourselves a nice spot for a picnic lunch and easy viewing of the upcoming events. Instead we took in the waterway enjoying the many boats that passed while in the thousand of Islands off to the distance lured of a trip on our someday trip somewhere in the future.
From this point one can see Bolt Castle on heart Island.

I had been there last fall for the wine festival. (They have apparently ceased this event as it has gotten to large...nothing like ruining your family vacation like a bunch of intoxicated idiots jamming up your views and keeping the bathroom lines LONG.)

It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful day and the watercraft's were giving us a show.
Speed boats zipped by...
and several fleets....

I simply love the paddle boats,,,so Mississippi river. 
out a ways see the tiny lighthouse.....
all those speed boats caused a big splash on this tiny Islands walls.
We had a visitor too,.
Love it....

another barge...and a sea doo. If I ever got myself a boat, other then a kayak I would want one of these little guys.

The pirates soon start to reappear...Show must be starting soon.

Gavin had to point out that a REAL pirate would not wear jeans or have a chain like that..So MAYBE his history is correct, but just where is he getting his information...oh yeah that would be from the Assassin Creed video game....not a history book.
We soon found we had picked the wrong shore to view the we had to enjoy from across the bay. If you attend...1. arrive in time to walk in the pirate parade...2. bring some blankets and a picnic lunch and 3. sit on the road side of the lake. (Not that we did not enjoy ourselves we just could't hear or see the show,) 4.Next time I would bring the was very dog friendly. 5.  Bring my bathing suit, there is a small beach and playground right next to all the action. 6. EXPECT CROWDS!!!!
I did dress for the occasion.
so much was happening over there, but we never heard what...

I zoomed in....

I did see a sword fight....and someone fell in.

soon we were hearing cannons....they were quite LOUD!!!

In came the ships...This we had the perfect seats for!!!!

I have no idea who won...but there was a lot of shooting going on. No doubt it was exciting. (Not like the Treasure Island in Vegas Pirate show....but pretty impressive just the same.)

These boats are simply beautiful,.

Then before we knew it...the show was over.....and there were PEOPLE everywhere.

We thought about taking in a late lunch in the village...but there were so many people we packed it up and headed off towards home. Lucky for Mark we found a SONIC (Marks favorite) in Watertown

And at the very end of the day....we saw a rainbow!!!