Friday, October 16, 2015


Turning Stone Casino
Sept. 12th 2015

Scare-a-con has become an annual event for us. I believe this is our fourth or fifth year. We have gone every year that they have come including the first year when it had been called Scaracuse, and held in the Syracuse downtown area. It has never disappointed and each year is always fun.

Mark with the Tardis(?) I know nothing about Dr. Who.

I have been a big fan of the ghost shows for as long as I can recall them being aired on tv. I'm talking about those INVESTIGATIVE ghost shows. (There are so many on tv now a days I can't keep up). My interest was peeked about 10 years ago or so with a British Ghost haunting husband and wife team.
 You could barely see as things were so dark, but the wife was a hoot when she would hear something or see something in that pitch dark eyes glowing in the infer light. Then GHOST HUNTERS launched their plumber by day Ghost experts by night show, and I was not only hooked but enmeshed. The whole week was focused around Wednesday evening Ghost Hunters investigative hour. Scare-a-Con was an opportunity to meet these brave souls,  I had that chance over the last several years. This year Joe Chin was in attendance. (pictured below). Previous presenters included Jason, Tango, Dustin, Steve and Britt. (I have their autographs on my Taps baseball cap like some silly deranged groupie!!! )

Joe is better known for his role on the Ghost Hunters International show. (I like the US one's better, only because I could actually go to the places and relate.) He is super nice.

Mary and Alex get a pic with Joe.

Scare-a-con hosts the ORIGINAL Ghost Hunters too.....or rather GHOST BUSTERS....

I dont remember this evil ghost buster character...but one can never forget the Stay Puff Marshmallow Monster! 

As with all good Ghosts you have to have your everything creepy, disgusting, scary and of course a dash of Star Wars...(Yeah...not what I would call scary, but classic movie YES YES YES!!!) Although this Storm Trooper is pretty fearful.

..and I will admit those sand creatures with the glowing eyes were pretty creepy when I first saw the movie when I was about 7 years old.

But if you truly want to see creepy...Scare-a-con has a whole lot of that tooo....

Yep!!! This is CREEPY!!!
Its been years since I have entered one of those haunted house attractions they feature around Halloween. (The kids, Mindy and I went into the Monkey house in PA a few years ago). Generally I can't take them like I use to. People jumping out at me with chain saws and creeping around behind me in the pitch dark simply gets me way to SCARED!!!! When I was a kid and even in my 20's I LOVED the Haunted houses... the scarier the better. Not NOW, no way. The whole idea of being in a closed off dark and narrow hallway filled with people who are paid to scare the begehus out of me is NOT high on my list of lets do! I have been convinced to do an outdoor haunted walking trail this year....I figure at least outdoors I can RUN AWAY if I have to. 

you can't deny these Walking Dead characters are pretty creepy!!!

 Not only are the presenters creepy...but check out the attendee's....

I'm not a big fan of the GORE films, although I have seen and enjoyed every Saw movie. I am more of a Ghost based scare freak, Gotta Love the Classic horror films however and The Exorcist is one of the tops.

Pinhead is pretty freaky. I believe the actual actor was featured at the conference this year. I'll admit I am not hip with who is who regarding the actors that are here each year, Mark generally knows the names and what characters they played. I didn't get many pictures of the "actors" this year as I have found most want a monetary supplement with the picture. Even some have been angered by a picture from far away, (A few years ago I was bum rushed while attempting to get a quick shot of Linda Blair). Ever since I have been okay with simply looking.

This clown is way CREEPY!!! Clowns in general are CREEPY, but the media has made them so chilling. I had a hard time standing next to this guy!

I did get a few of the actors. Anthony Michael Hall was suppose to be here, and Mark was very interested in meeting "Farmer Ted", but he never showed up at least on the Saturday we attended.
However...we did see "Pony Boy".....C. Thomas Howell

Dukes of Hazards, Bow Duke; John Schenider

Rusty from Vacation;

Not a good picture but Scream Queen Adriana

another female actress.....Mark wanted this picture..

and the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show hero; Barry Bostwick

and his underwear....

as well as the not so famous cast...

I do love this movie....Hubby has never seen it. I was shocked,

A few more fun movie/tv show  items.....

That titas thing again...

Lunch at the Turning Stone Buffet, a lecture on Ghost Investigations as well as a tip on taking our own investigation. (Blog to post soon.) and we had our fill of all things SCARE-A-CON 2015