Saturday, November 7, 2015

Crouse Spirit of Women Passport to Health:Ireland

Syracuse, NY
November 4th 2015

Wednesday evening Carol, Tammy Mary and I attended The Crouse Spirit of Women event. The evening theme was Ireland and the topic.....overactive bladder. Yes!!!! an important topic as us women age..
This is the third or fourth Spirit of Women events that I have attended and we always have a good time, while learning some things about women's health.
The program is FREE...(one of my favorite things of all time),.. they feed ya (my second most favorite thing), there was products and information shared ( not on the top of my list....), entertainment and a picture booth!!! Lets not forget I got to share it with some of the most amazing women I know.....(On the list above FREE!!!)

 We all enjoyed the food. The potato bar was the BOMB!!!! and we had some great entertainment. (I am still trying to LOVE this camera.....)

 It is so nice just to break up the week and spend it with some friends, have some food and enjoy some good times....oh yeah while you learn about the embarrassing fact that some of us have BLADDER issues. I did learn a thing or two...or maybe tooo much!!!!
I did learn that NO I do not have an overactive bladder!(whew)....bladders can hold up to 16oz, and the first steps to managing any bladder issues is behavioral therapy....KEGALS anyone!!!! Start working those muscles now!!!!
Best fun was the photo booth,.....we all tried to switch up the hats and make it back in time for the next shoot!!!!! I love getting just a little bit silly!!!! At the end there are door prizes....I NEVER win!!!! but I had fun cheering those that did!! (Karma you know,,,,) and as we were leaving......Irish coffee infused cupcakes!!!!!! ahhh yeah!!!

I have finally CAUGHT up on my blog and although I had several weekend trip offers....I had to decline because tomorrow I LEAVE for the BAHAMAS!!!!! Whopp whopp!!!! Till next feature...which I somehow will include pictures of ocean, sun and shore,. TTFN