Sunday, January 17, 2016

Holiday Cheer...

Happy Holidays-
December 2015

Not many trips taken these last few weeks, but we did do some serious Holiday Celebrations. Above is our humble tree on Christmas morning. The weather has been in the 50-60's these last few days and not at all Christmas like. We have been blessed with the warm weather. Although I would have preferred a white Christmas, I will never complain about a 67 degree day on Christmas EVER!
I had some wonderful blessings over the holiday season and one very expensive furnace issue...and a plumbing problem that will simply have to wait, At any rate...I wanted to share in some of my Holiday here I go. 

First up, we had some elf magic going on at the office. Eva, my co-worker off enjoying her Cruise vacation, is not fond of the Christmas spirit. She came back to this in her cube...
 Our office had a decorating contest, I didn't deck out my cube or my house this year. I was so not ready for the Holiday, Eva's hap hazard surprise cubie didn't win either, but she did keep the decorations up throughout the season.

 Some fun things came my way this Holiday....I got my new Planner for the 2016 year
From Close to my Heart. I already started decorating it! I am quite excited for the new year. 
Close to My Heart Planner. Order now for $29.95 comes with the inserts, album and a stamp!
My Elf on a Shelf came in on a Wrecking Ball..... Good news!!!!
And then Riley ate his face off.... I also got a bum Pizza from Wegmans....I think it must have defrosted sideways then refrozen,...Bad news.

Renee, Tammy, Allie and I went to see a performance of the season at my Church....

 It was incredible....(I forgot my camera, phone shots.)
 I cried, I laughed and was so in awe of the talent my church has.. AMAZING!

I hosted my annual Cookie exchange...I blended it into a Scrappy cookie exchange. I got to see some of my favorite people.. Mary. Carol and Mindy. (I didn't think to take pictures duh!)
Great cookies, great company but all are having difficult times in their lives right now. I pray for speedy recovery, good prognosis, and blessings to all of them. I was also saddened to hear that one of my friends had moved out of state. Just like that....bummer!
Good News....Mark was offered complementary tickets to the Turning Stone New Years Eve dinner and balloon drop, a room for the night and breakfast buffet the following day....
A few days later we were invited to attend another Turing Stone event that includes....ANOTHER FREE CRUISE!!!! 
 I went to a candle BINGO party hosted by my friend Barb and I won BINGO. I got some great smelling candles. 
Following a Stress filled end of the year gotta get notes done day,...I met out with co-workers at The Cheesecake Factory for a Holiday dinner celebration and our old co-worker Marquita came too!

 We ate in the bar area and got the Happy Hour specials....WOW what a lot of food for  GREAT price. I would recommend this little trick to anyone. If you come to dinner between 4-6 sit in the bar area and eat off the Happy Hour menu. My total bill was $5.47!!! (I had a drink at the bar before hand that cost me $4.50)
 and we got bread too!
 The gang is all here..left to right..Melanine, Christa, Marquita, AnneMarie, Barb, Me, Stacey and Tracy! Great meal good people and a cheep bill! Can not beat that!
 I had the fried mac and cheese....YUMMY! I also tried one of Barb's tater tots and it was to die for!
 Barb opted for an ice cream sundae which we all had to have a bite of!
I work with some pretty amazing people....Barb I have known for years and I just found out my friend Renee will be joining the office on the 11th of January!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Not only are my co-workers AWESOME...but just look at our Holiday Party!!
Our office party was so much fun. Food, prizes and even a photo booth. (Here we are above).
The food. I made tator tot casserole.
Just a few random pictures of the fun event.

And the winner of the contest is.... of our newest additions to the Dual team!

Some more of the festivities.

Our Peer Support team will be changing at the end of the year, and the part time employees will be leaving us. A few warm wishes and farewell to many of the peers on the team. Goodbye...

Here is a picture of the Peer much support and they will be missed.

Enjoying our meals...

Loving the sweaters ladies and the ornament gift exchange !!!!

Stacey being naughty,

We all had a great Holiday Party,. I was so full after all the food all I wanted to do was take a nap! Who could go back to work after that?? Some how I suffered through it and got my stuff done.

That weekend was my Close to My Heart "hearts a flutter" team Holiday Party!!! This is one of the best reasons to be a CTMH consultant...the LOVE of these talented women and the FUN we have at the Annual Holiday party!
We started off with projects!!!
 Sandy is always so HAPPY!!
 Ladies hard at work crafting!
 Now hard at work eating!!! MORE wonderful eats!!! Good thing I have RE-start that diet as one of my new years resolutions!

 Happy faces fill the room!
 and if you were still HUNGRY!!! How about some chicken wing dip! Yum!
 We all made holiday tags to exchange. Look at my stash!
 Then the fun really begins. We each make a gift and everyone picks...we also get a chance to steal from anyone. We get the gift three times. I lost my picks several times.

 Shelia opens a beautiful wreath.
 Gets this cute shadow box, while Kim gets my CTMH letters.

 Anita and the jams..
 The jams and this cute owl were passed around often.
 Lara has the jams for a minute and she now has the glasses.

 Anita has a new score...this beautiful table runner.
 Lookie lookie Kate has the owl.
 We all ended up with some beautiful gifts. Here is Lara's homemade Holiday trees. (I think I will have to make these someday.)
I ended up taking home the jelly's and my camera lost its charge before I could get all of the great gifts.
We all ended up winners!

 Pretty Amazing Gift I got from the CTMH party!

Sunday evening Tammy invited Mark and me out to Funny Bone. She had won tickets. Mark and I had dinner at TGI Fridays before the show! (SELFIE)

Then we meet up with Tammy and her Hubby Rich for the comic relief.

 I laughed my butt off! This guy was HILARIOUS!!! His name was Clayton English, from the last comic standing, Some of his jokes were killer funny! It was nice to have a date night and spend it with friends. Plus nothing is better then laughter!

On Monday morning we had our Team Holiday party at Stella's Diner. We did a Secret Santa and Barb made us ALL blankets,.....Jake got a scarf instead since he won the blanket at the Company Party!
 Kelly is my new supervisor.....she is taking Molly's place.

 The gift I got was a big bag to hold all of my scrappin stuff!
 Barb got a candle.
 Everyone loves Amazon Stacey.
 Molly got a shark...the joke being she always wants us to watch the trilogy Sharknado.
 Sandy was my secret..I got her a gift card for her puppies.
WOW what great fun. I scored so big! Here is my own puppy cuddling on my new blanket from Barb. I simply LOVE it!!!

and if my blanket, the food and the fun wasn't enough....look what AnneMarie got me!!!! This coffee MUG is AMAZING!!!

Christmas Eve was spent with my second family; Kelly and her family. Kelly's son Joseph and his Girlfriend visited from Florida. It was so warm out something like in the 60's. Very strange for December 24th and 25th,

 Here is Kelly and Mindy

 Katie and her SO.

We celebrated Christmas at my Parents house, but first we had to open Santa gifts.

 I think everyone was quite pleased with their gifts.

 My mother asked for a hula hoop.

 There seemed to be a lot of Star Wars going on.

 I got some great pieces of ART

 More Star wars
 The best piece of ART. this was made by my Son....I love it.
 Money is always a great and welcomed gift!!!

 Nick scored well too.
 After all the gifts we had a wonderful meal!

Merry Christmas.....
After dinner Gavin and Nick practiced taking shots.

 May the Force be with you!

Skip this is you are simply enjoying the Holiday Cheer cause this was the UGLY part of my Holiday and what I bought for myself for Christmas.

Things were looking so WONDERFUL...then I got home and found out our furnace had died!!!! What??? It is only 3 years WONDERFUL feelings went right out the door!
At any rate we called the people we used to install it...(I refuse to report what company but...I did squack on facebook about my dissatisfaction).
So when your furnace dies....and your not a heat/electric VAC/HAV or whatever and the last time you played around with your furnace yourself you blew off your face...what do you do? So we called. I understand some things...and MONEY is one of them and being CHEEP is another!!!! and when it comes to getting your furnace fixed....well I listened to every word that was said and I know its NOT going to be CHEEP and Cost me LOTS of MONEY!  I GASPED when I was told my $84- service fee for diagnostics!!! not only did I gasp...I complained ALOT!
 So the guy comes out...a little check here a look there and after what seemed like an eternity he announces that it will need a new part (that is under warranty). Okay GREAT!!!! but the heat is now working, Christmas is in two days...and I am broke. So what will this COST me Today...Right NOW??? Expecting the $84- service and diagnostic fee quoted. I am told something in the $370- range. WHAT THE HELL!!!!  Yep that will be for today's service of $99- and after some debate over that I was told they have new guys in the office who made a mistake...the part (that I thought was under warranty and MEANS we replace it for FREE), taxes and fluff...So I tell him I can only pay for today and suck off the $15- extra for the service fee. After all he said it might make it another year. My evening ended with a bill of $107-. and I still have to follow up for the part needed.
Fast forward Christmas day!!! NO HEAT!!! No part and no future appointment with this said company. So I call totally expecting to have to wait while the part is ordered etc.
I am told that they still have to order the part AND here is the CLINCHER!!!! They will have to charge me another Diagnostic/service fee to come back out!!!!! I am guessing another $107- so I told them where they could STICK it and called another company!!! I have never in my life heard of such a SCAM! To make it even more of a SLAM...the new heat guy comes out...and after looking agrees that it is the part identified ($69-) Not sure where the $200 plus came from and he picked it right up that day. It took him all of maybe 5 minutes to install it. AND...the reason why this part went is because the installation of the pipe sends cold air directly to the furnace which can cause condensation which in turn will affect this part...and who installed the furnace (The original company). This being said, it was all a matter of time before this part went anyways. SOOOO PISSED! At any rate I still ended up paying over $200- but I didn't have to pay for labor and another service fee to which possibly saved me over 200-. AND I am going to insist that they original company send me my money for the part that was said to be under warranty!!!!  Should insist that they send me my diagnostic fee back too since that was a waste!
December 26th is Bubbe's Birthday! We took her out to the Cheese Cake factory. I think she enjoyed her desert!

Wow!!! December festivities were WONDERFUL and went by Quick!!! Till next YEAR!!!! Happy Holidays!