Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Resolutions...Birthdays...and Yep there will be another Cruise.

The first few weeks in Jan. 2016
Central NY

So far 2016 has been a wonderful blessing. Like every New Year I started off with my RESOLUTIONS....
Get Healthy...(Always is on the top of the list.) Get Organized....and  Get a GRIP on the finances.
So Far,,,,I'm not beating the Odds...

I have NOT started back on my diet and exercise program....my house continues to be a mess, and I have SPENT more money lately then usual. HOWEVER.........

 I have and continue to be 100% Smoke FREE!!! 17 days and counting!!!  I have completely organized my SCRAP room and I have managed to commit to the 52 week dollar challenge. (I now have saved...6 dollars) I am well on my way to meeting my RESOLUTION challenge.

 This is my Scrap room before....(I need to get an after picture.)
I have also been pro-active about re creating my Close to My Heart Business. I start my first Official CTMH scrap club in Feb. and these are the layouts we will be doing.

Cute aren't they?
I have not missed one single day of church or Bible study. (Okay so there has only been 3 Sundays and 3 Mondays....but I am making it faithfully.)
I have made and stuck with my meal prep/coupon clipping. (I grocery shop every other Tuesday...so I only have had one day of prep and shop.)
I made it a SOLID week of daily journaling before I skipped 5 days and misplaced my journal book.
I started one day of my 2016 SMASH book.....(I still have the last three weeks of 2015 to do.)
I have been much more calm at work.....but so far there really have not been any clients to push my buttons.
Overall I know I am not perfect and my Resolutions are not going to stay STUCK all year long. (They never do) but for the most part I am on my way...and plan to keep keepen on.

Gavin Finally got his HAIR cut!!!

and he turned a year older
 On January 9th we celebrated my youngest's 13th Birthday!!!!
He has grown so much over the last year,,,,,He is taller then me!!!
We had a dinner out at his choice...Applebee's.
Life has pretty much gone back to USUAL now that the Holidays are over, back to work, back to school. 
On Friday, Tammy had an interview in the city so we worked it where we meet up for lunch. We went to Kitty Hoynes. All Irish meals. 

Its an authentic Irish pub located in downtown Syracuse. I have passed it several times but never ate there. I am not really big on the Irish eats. Our waitress was AWESOME and I finally settled on the Shepard's Pie. (There was a little issue, although delish) and they honored my meal for FREE!! I loved that!
The bread and food was amazing, the company was great and the ambiance was Incredible.  

January has come in with very little SNOW!!! (I spoke to soon...as it has come since) and this morning view as I drove into work was so beautiful I just had to stop and take a picture.  
We did have one more exciting thing happen.....WE GOT ANOTHER CRUISE from Turning Stone......I am STOKED!!!
Mark and I went out to the Casino on Sunday Jan. 10th as a guest of Norwegian Cruise Line where we picked up another cruise voucher. (Third in total). 
 We were entertained with some music.
 Dazzled by the decor. feed quite well and YEP here is to our next Cruise. I stayed in the party room consuming FREE beers and listening to the music, while Mark went out and played the slots...seems my beers were not so free after all. LOL

 It was a great time just the same and I cannot wait to plan our next water adventure.