Friday, March 18, 2016

The Musical Annie

Annie the Musical
Oncenter, Syracuse NY
March 2, 2016

Annie was my favorite ever when I was a kid. The original Broadway performance was just about the time I was at an age when I myself could have played Annie!! Oh yes and I did want to play Annie. Didn't every little girl? Sorry to say I never saw the live performance, but when the soundtrack came out, that was all I wanted for Christmas. I must have played that record (Yes it was a record)so much there were added groves to the vinyl. I knew every song and every word by heart!!!
When there was a National Annie search for the movie. I was all about the HOPE that I might be that girl. Needless to say I never had my audition but I did see and LOVED the movie. Who doesn't?
Years and years and years later!!! Here I am getting to see and re-love the musical all over again! And this time I get to see the actual SHOW!!!
Mom was my perfect date!!!
Before the show we had dinner at The Mission. A Mexican restaurant adjacent to the Theater.

Me and my mom...a failed attempt at a selfie
Mine was Yummy!!

The seats were decent. (Not nearly good) What can I say I am cheep. But it was great fun just the same. My silly mom brought binoculars (Bird watching binoculars) I could see the zits on little Annies face..LOL and I looked like a tool too! Awe but who cares,....Its Annie. 
I struggled to not sing along with every single song. Yep I still remembered all those words....and "Oh Boy!" did I hang on every note. 
I absolutely LOVED Ms. Hannagan! The actress did an  amazing job, and for all the reasons you are suppose to HATE her I simply loved her performance. 
The entire cast was pretty terrific. 
I sang, I smiled, I shed a tear!!! It was WONDERFUL!
There were no photos allowed, but I did sneak in these during curtain call.