Saturday, April 9, 2016

Green is the New Black

St Paddy's Day Parade
Downtown Syracuse, NY
March 13, 2016

Preparing for the St. Patrick' Day Parade in Syracuse.  Kelly and I are all set.

Gavin is too.

 It was the most Beautiful day for a Parade and this one happens to be Syracuse NYs biggest and most popular every year. The weather made for an unbearable attendance but we still had a great time.
 I tried and tried to rotate this picture, but I couldnt.  So some of my pictures came out sideways.
We found a great spot for viewing set up our chairs and waited for the fun to begin. Its a good thing we got there early as this street (see how there is noone there) was packed with people before the parade started. A homeless man asked for a hot dog, Gavin was thrilled to help the guy out, I was mad cause he asked me for some money after. Really Man.....I already got you some lunch. Gavin got himself a horn that he bloated into for hours....Bad choice in gift mom.
 Nothing says IRISH like a little beer now does it, and at 10am who is NOT thirsty? Kelly and I made our way to the pub down the street and got a walk around. While he was filling it up I kept thinking damn how big is that glass? BAM!!! This was the end result. It cost us each $15- but it made the crowds feel just a little less intimidating. It also made trips to the restroom a bigger necessity.

 Kelly with her beer and her green gear.
 Gavin blowing his horn. He was competing with others in the crowd. If you notice people started filling in around us.....and in front of us too. (If you can believe it, some people are so rude)
 Finally the Parade can begin....
 Every year St. Patrick begins this procession.
 and of course the bag pipes. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

 A salute to the service men and women.

 and beads are thrown.

 The amazing service dogs and hey isn't that the test crash dummy.....

 Carrying of the flag.

 Mr. Big Head apparently!!! and some politician. I believe its Al Shumer.
 Candy is thrown too and look Kelly has her very own basket to catch with. This could not happen if they had tried.
 Notice the women in the middle of the street....she made enjoying the parade all so much unfun, and she let her kids run all out in the road too. There is a reason why they have these guard rails up. Its dangerous and affects everyone behind you MOVE YOUR ASS!!!

 Love the Irish dancing.
There sure were some interesting characters.

 The Syracuse Chief's baseball mascots.

 One of the few actual floats in this parade.

 More MUSIC..

 These guys were cool from the Puppet theater,

 We really had hoped to see Sponge Bob. His voice is a fellow Syracusian. We were told he was there, but do you see anyone featured on this float?
The crowds were so crazy and it was so confusing, We booked after Sponge Bob, This did not mean the Patrick Day fun was over. At least not for me and the girls. Kelly and I headed over to Dublins for lunch/dinner. DUNCH!

We had to have at least one green beer!

One of my coworkers Andrea met us out and then Tammy found us as well. Kelly, Tammy and I walked home before we enjoyed an evening of girls fun with Renee too.

There was a lot of alcohol consumed on this day...and a lot of silliness. Tammy, Renee Kelly and I had fun all evening just being Irish Lasses!!

I so fail at those selfies. but what a fun filled EVERYTHINg GREEN Day we all had!!!