Sunday, May 29, 2016

Been Busy with LIFE!!!

March/April 2016
HOME and about locally
Our upstairs bathroom has needed some serious work for some time now. So Mark did some DEMO work.

 And look what some previous workers left behind inside the walls. An Arby's cup, would have been nice if it had been some secret message or some lost treasure. Nope just LAZY. This is a symbol of what all of the house has looked like for us as we begin to be hit with home repairs. Whoever did this place before we moved it was all about cutting corners. This just proves the unprofessional work that went in. Mark even found that the screws and holes didn't even line up in most spots, No wonder we had leaks. What a mess.

The repair. Thanks to this wonderful contractor RJ,....the bathroom is finally looking good!

 Warm days...cold days!!! The only creature glad to see snow is this guy!!!

April 7th I met up with these lovely ladies for dinner at The Distillery.

I was late, but I was able to catch up on "life in the fast lane". We all used to work together at Crouse Hospital. Nancy and Angie still do. Interestingly Sandy, Theresa and I work at the same place now. I enjoyed NY style Poutine. Canada's was better.

 Gavin has been working hard at his bucket drumming. Yes this is real thing..He's actually really good.
 I broke down and bought myself a cuttlebug for 55% off.
 Friday April 8th was the Premiere of my friend Doreen's son Chris's movie IRIS!
 We all waited eagerly for the doors to open. Tammy. Renee, David and Mary.
 Chris introduces the show. Three years it took for these at the time high school students to pull off this pretty amazing movie. I was impressed.
 the producer.

I spent some time that Saturday at a CTMH team meeting. Made this cute card. Then I was off to Stacy's for her CTMH party.

 On weekend Tammy and I and Allie went to Destiny Mal Crouse Hospital Day of the Dance