Saturday, July 30, 2016

Niagara Falls- Maid of the Mist/Casino.

Niagara Falls, NY
July 6th 2016

On Wednesday we packed up and headed west, then veered North to catch a quick glance at the America side of the falls and get on the Maid of the Mist. My mother in law has never been, so on our way to OH. We took a side trip to this enchanting place to explore the beauty with her. She had booked a night locally with plans to enjoy the casino and stop at the Outlets on her way home. We would be heading West to our temporary home at Castaway Bay in Sandusky OH for some new fun.

Remembering a few years back when we stood in line for hours to take our turn on the Maid of the Mist, we planned carefully to break out of our hometown early and arrive just about the time everything opened. We timed it perfectly. Not nearly as many crowds and certainly no lines,

A quick run through the visitor center and a glance off the observation deck before we headed to the elevators that take us down to the awaiting Maid and her many blue rain coats.
Love that we caught a rainbow. Just across the way is Niagara Falls CA where Kelly, Gavin and Matt stayed a few months ago. It all looks different now with the sun shining and the warm day.

The Bridal falls sure are flowing today. Lots of mist rising up over those deadly rocks below. No matter how many times I have viewed this aggressive waterway, I still never seemed to be out of awe. Incredible. 

Of course we have to get outfitted for our WET boat ride. To bad Gavin has such a sour face....

Diane is already for the wetness.
The gulls were in abundance. I don't think I have ever seen so many birds enjoying the summer sun and cooling spray.
Our boat begins with a loud toot! Scared the boogers out of me I must admit. Then we were off heading to the Horse shoe Falls on the Canadian side. To our left we pass the America Falls (Bridal) and the Cave of winds.
and soon we are there caught in the every churning current of the massive falls. Mist was everywhere, there was no escaping the wetness. We were hit so hard, I had to stop taking pictures for fear my (so unloved) camera would be ruined by the water.

Bye Bye falls...

And now the after picture,  Just a little damp. Gavin again with the sour puss face.

Once off the boat we took in some more of the American Falls before heading to the Casino. 

Casino Seneca Niagara.
We didn't come to gamble. (Imagine that). We did come to get Diane settled in and have some lunch.

and a few deserts...What the heck were on vacation right?
We had left our car in the falls parking lot so after some time in the Casino and a full lunch, we walked back to the falls. On our way we stopped at this little park.

The boys enjoyed a giant chess game.

A view of the casino. Mark informed us it is the tallest standing building in NY outside of NYC.
Once we figured out how to pay the parking meter we were soon on our way to the days next destination. Sandusky OH. termed roller coaster capital of the world.
We finally made it.....Castaway Bay.

Pooped but ready for some fun.