Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spring 2016

May/June 2016 Spring Activities.
Liverpool/Syracuse NY

May 22nd-
wendyb.ctmh.com (My close to my heart web address since I talk so much about it,)

As part of my challenge from CTMH in Annapolis 
I had planned an all Day Scrapbooking Crafting CROP! A CROP is where we all come together and work on crafting projects. Unfortunately NO ONE could come. Kelly came over to enjoy the company (unfortunate for her it was just me) and Mary came over later. It ended up to be an evening of girl time. We went to dinner and had a few drinks. Dinner was at the Bull & Bear. Two for One Margarita's, NICE!!!!

I did a little shopping over the weekend, Purchased some shoes from Khols. Scored a great deal. I finally found some black boots too (After season) I had spent several days looking during the winter for just the right size and fit. I found one pair, that has some problem in the heal. These post season were on sale for $16- originally over $100- water shoes on sale $-10 Khol's coupon and Khol's cash for next shopping trip. Sneakers were brand new at a local second hand store. Score for $13-. 

 I also purchased some Flamingo's. I simply love this container and the flamingo lights.
 items for my some day...glamping RV.

May 27th I went out to dinner with the Crouse Hospital Crew. This is friends I had while working at Crouse. (Sandy and Theresa both work with me now too.)
We had our meal at the Turning Stone Casino buffet.  Surprise guest was Hope. Hope is the sole reason why Mark and I got together. 
When I worked at Crouse, Mark was doing his residency. Hope knew that I had recently broke it off with my last beau and she also knew Mark was divorced. She called me telling me I had to come up right away. I assumed I had not completed some paperwork. Hope was the clerical staff and my paperwork went through her first before it was filed with the State. I was always messing some thing up with it. Prepared to suck up my faux pax she dragged me down the hall to one of the Dr.'s wings and threw me into my now hubby's office. She then left me there.  The rest is history and we have been together ever since. Thank You Hope. So seeing her was such a nice surprise. 

Dinner was yummy as always. I had enough points on my card to get my meal for FREE, as well as a $5- free play for the machines. I played and ended up profiting $15-. (I never get that lucky to walk away with any winnings.) Tonight was a good night. Got to meet Hopes Step Daughter and Theresa's sweet mother, who brought a baggie full of nickels to play the slots.

Memorial Day came and went. We did a whole lot of nothing. Worked on the pool, which continues to be the thorn in my side. WHY OH WHY did I think a pool was a good idea? 

SBH luncheons start, These are FREE meals on Fridays sponsored by my previous employer. 

Busy with work. Finding housing for a few of my guys, rehab for others. Chasing some down for services. 

June 9th welcomed the start of Bike Week at the local pub Sharkey's. Mark and I had date night and enjoyed the band Under the Gun on the new stage, 

 They always have great music. 80's and 90's rock and roll. My husband likes the band, we have seen them a few times.

 Loven the new stage.

 The lead singer apparently had a stroke or some medical condition. (Mark would know) but he is back and these bands people were wearing were to support his health. As a symbol to keeping on he cut off the band.

Good fun followed up by dinner at Bull and Bear. Yes it is now becoming a local favorite.

My youngest, although not interested in singing, was a part of this bucket drumming concert at his school. They were amazing. I was very impressed. 

Also in Spring. Ben came to visit from Florida and we celebrated Fathers Day/Mark's Birthday.
 He got some nice goodies.
 $75- Turning Stone voucher. Guess where were heading.

 Yep! Out to the Turning Stone.  We had brunch at the buffet before mark and his mom hit the casino. I played 20 bucks and lost immediately. Looser....I decided to take a walk around the casino grounds. Its very pretty,  The Bear, the turtle and the Wolf.

 and some geese decided to visit as well.
 This howling wolf is hidden by the tree's. Bet he is the alpha.
 The pretty fountain. This was eventually where the geese found some solace.
 see here they come.
 A quick picture of the boys next to the in door fountain.
Mark's birthday is the 21st of June. Happy Birthday!!!
Great Spring!!!! Summer is looking so AMAZING too!!!