Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cleveland ROCKS!!!

The Christmas Story House and
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Cleveland NY
July  7, 2016

We left Sandusky and our Cedar Bay resort early with plans of spending some time in Cleveland OH before making the long six hour trek back home.

First Stop; A Christmas Story House. Yep! Apparently it is a REAL house. (Not exactly located in the best area of town.) Parking was a bit of a chore and at a cost. neighbors have taken advantage of this attraction nestled in their own back yard with a parking fee. We probably could have found Free parking on the street, but Mark was hasty and pulled right in following a man ushering us in.

It was just about 10am when we arrived. The morning sun catching the infamous shadow of he Leg Lamp prevented me from obtaining a good picture. 

Just across the street from the house is a museum/store. In the garage was this gem. "The old man's car! All I could think about was the line when the lug nuts went flying into the snow! "FUDGE"

Also in the adjoining garage was the fire truck. Remember when Ralphie's buddy got his tongue stuck to the metal pole and the Fire department had to come and remove him. 

We still had a few minutes before the store and tours began, and I was surprised just how many people had lined up in front of the door to be let in. There are some SERIOUS DIE HARD fans out there. Some came wearing shirts with quotas from the movie on them. Once we got in the store I found that there is a plethora of items you can purchase representing the move. How about some Bunny Slippers?
Or an Aviation Hat.

The Red Ryder 650!!!! Bet you wont shoot your eye out!

and of course you can own your own FRAGILE leg lamp to put in  your front window.

In addition to shirts and gadgets, soaps, Little Orphan Annie's decoder ring and even Ovaltine, there were a large number of art pieces.

Soon the store was announcing their first tour of the day. (We opted out. Cost was $11- per person) Also informed that one of the actual stars would be here at 11 to present and sign autographs. Zak Ward  who played the Bully; Scut Farkas. We did not stay long enough to meet him.

A few more pictures of the house before we headed off.

Soon we were heading to the heart of Cleveland.

And there she is; The ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME!!!
Should I emphasize the insane lack of organization this ares's parking situation? Or perhaps It was POOR planning on our part, or maybe it was just fate that ALL things that could go on were going on in these three main buildings along the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway on the day we had decided to visit, but it was certainly a CLUSTER of a mess. Along the shoreline strip is three main attractions; The First Energy Stadium where a Cleveland Indian's and NY Yankee's game was about to be held, The Great Lakes Science Center (That totally looked cool, wish we had more time to look around) and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Whats not or at least we couldn't find, was easy accessible PARKING. We followed signs and cops directions to area parking garages only to find they were all FULL! Suggested to go back the way we came we were lucky enough to find a spot steps away from the Rock and Roll Hall of fame on the  pier. Although the parking was actually for an event taking place on the lake, when you flash money people seem to take it. So we were in. Parked and ready for our ROCK AND ROLL adventure.

It looks like its going to be an easy in doesn't it? Well apparently everyone in Cleveland was going to take in the Hall of Fame...cause it was CROWDED!
(Although the building is pretty AWESOME)
Once we were inside...the lines wrapped around the entire main floor just to get tickets. (It only took about 45 minutes.). I have heightened anxiety in crowds and at first I was a little concerned about how all these people were going to be able to enjoy this place. It is afterall very much like a museum, where one may want to spend a few minutes enjoying each exhibit and there never was a period of time while enjoying the R&RHOF that we were not crunched in, somehow I never felt like I was missing something or that I couldn't get in to see what I wanted to see. I regret however that we did rush though most of the exhibits, but that is also because my family simply works that way. Not that I plan to ever return, it would have been fun to have spent some time learning more about some of the history.
After we finally got our tickets (this was not cheep) we made our way to the first Exhibit;

Rock & roll is not an instrument; rock & roll is not even a style of music. Rock & roll is a spirit. … It's been going since the blues, jazz, bebop, soul, R&B, rock & roll, heavy metal, punk rock and, yes, hip-hop. And what connects us all is that spirit. …Rock & roll is not conforming to the people who came before you, but creating your own path in music and in life.

Ice Cube, during N.W.A.'s 2016 Rock Hall induction acceptance speech

 The newest Inductees; Cheep Trick
There is a bit of a process of becoming nominated for being inducted. My son was surprised some of his favorite bands were not included. Perhaps this is because your band, or yourself must first have had 25 years pass since your first album release to even be nominated. 

Cheep Trick was at the Syracuse Downtown taste of Syracuse this year. I would have so loved to go, but it conflicted with ben's arrival from Florida.
Up next was some fun blasts from the past. Remember DEVO? Whip it good.
This style of music has a name and influence to the culture. this is where I wish we had the ability to spend more time to read up on the facts.
Jimi Hendrix had quite a display. Many of his clothing were viewable.

On to the British Invasion: The Rolling Stones
and of course the Boy's from Liverpool

Just a little AC/DC!!!!
and a throw back of Janis Joplin too.
 60-70's Music that pushed the boundaries of culturally acceptance to Metal Heads that BREAK all Boundaries; Metallica

Pop culture which included the King of Pop himself....Micheal Jackson.

David Bowie.
One of my favorite 80's Hair Bands G&R (Guns and Roses) The infamous Slash top hat and sneakers.
Another favorite of mine The WHO.  WHO DID NOT WANT ROGER DALTRY  to Play Pinball in their local arcade????
I wish I could remember this rockers name. I can't recall. But I did love his shoes.
There was also some amazing art work that was represented on guitars.
There is a story here somewhere and I know this must represent the Beatles. I unfortunately did not get a chance to read the information card. (This was a run by and quite crowded) If anyone has information on the significance of this (I have seen it before somewhere), I would love to hear about it.

Or how about these guys....wow!
Aerosmith, I simply LOVE their music. Saw them three times growing up.

Lady Gaga's outfits are really "out there". 
A copy of her meat dress. Did you think they would have had the original?

The actual Hall of fame with all of the winners and most signatures was on glass in a darkened hallway. I tried to get pictures, but my (unloved) camera would not corporate.  (Good news I am looking for a new one...any suggestions welcomed.)

Up another floor and look at this WALL!!! Pink Floyd's that is. 

Growing up I had several bands I loved, but there were two that I especially LOVED above all. One was the Police (Who I did not see represented in the Hall of Fame.) And PINK FLOYD.!!! How awesome is this that their piece would be the special exhibit.
I made this wall myself in art class. I didn't have the teacher or the blue creature but I did have a tiny Pink small in the dark corner of the walls. (I wonder what ever happened to that piece. I was pretty cool.) Of course this was BETTER!!!!
Based upon the movie "The Wall" and the music. This little "worm" like guy is a representation of Pink, the lead in the movie and the one who builds the wall (in his mind). Death of a father he never met from The War, a controlling and overly involved mother, Strict teachers that crushed creativity and expected conformity, a cheating wife and a WHOLE lots of DRUGS lead to the destruction of our friend Pink. Brick by Brick he went "MAD".
The movie, if you have never seen it, is really more of an artistic piece often left to interpretation based upon the music, the art and what drugs you yourself may be on at the time of watching. (Okay, so I said it.) Just for the record, you certainly do NOT have to be under any drug influence to enjoy the film, but it's not a lazy Sunday afternoon drama either. There are hidden historical references, shadowed with political views, intertwined with the pressures of being a man struggling with drug addiction and finding himself.
Roger Waters; (Song writer and member of the Band) explains the album/movie in this exhibit.
Who am I?
Pink "comfortably numb" in his hotel.
The Wall is perhaps one of the most popular albums; with songs like "Hey you", "Comfortably Numb" and even featured today in heavy metal "Another Brick in the Wall." Wish you were here most popular is the song with the same name, and Dark Side of the Moon take a high rank as well. My favorite is actually The Final Cut. Another rendition of political views and a man trying to find himself. (Youtube some of their music some time, you will be surprised it's definitely music with a message.)
As it so happens. After our visit with The Wall we had time to view a film on how music changed the world. Bob Geldof singer/political advocate and actor (British singer of the Boomtown Rats) was the lead role (Pink) in the Wall. He was also the lead in music history with the creation and role in Live Aid.
Live Aid was followed by "Do they know it's Christmas" a musical number featuring multiple singers to bring awareness to the famine in Ethiopia.
 Live Aid was a BIGGER fund raiser to help end famine in Ethiopia. Two concert venues ran simultaneously that weekend in 1985. One in England and one in the US (Philadelphia). Some of the bands included; Duran Duran, The Who, Crosby Stills and Nash, Mick Jagger and David Bowie and Led Zeppelin too.
Sadly I did not remember "the message", (obviously not a very in-tuned youth. what can I say I was young, wild and very much in LOVE that summer, also apparently quite self-absorbed.)  but I did remember the bands and that weekend face glued to MTV .
Up Up Up to the top floor where we found The Village People!!!! LOVE IT!!! YMCA

In 1989 a major event took place in Germany. The take down of the Iron Curtain and end to the Cold War. The Berlin Wall was knocked down. Once again I was not in tuned as a kid and I missed all of the MESSAGE here...but I do remember the media and David Hasselhoff made music on top of that said wall.
There was so much information. I could have enjoyed myself taking a few moments just to read all of the information. There were song lyrics written on scraps of paper like this one.
There was SOO MUCH to see, I really could have spend hours in there. Our last stop before descending back to the main floor was a small exhibit on the Beastie Boys.

Although this trio was not one of my favorites. I did see them in concert and to this day I can wrap the entire lyrics to Paul Revere. (See this was where all my brain power went in the 80's early 90's- forget about anything that could possibly be important.)

Last stop was the gift store. Oh MY!!!! I ended up spending a chunk of change and all I got were two T-shirts, a kitchen magnet and a travel mug. There really was some cool stuff. How about this MUG?
A few pictures of the Cleveland bay area. I would really have enjoyed taking on Cleveland a bit more, but we were all ready to head home.

Once out of the city we found a place to have a late lunch Max and Erma's.

It was pretty tasty and a good price. I had their famous and most popular Tortilla Soup. I actually LOVED it!

Then we were off heading back home. WOW what a wonderful day and an amazing vacation. Til next time. TTFN