Friday, December 16, 2016

Caribbean Cruise Day 2

Day 2: Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean 
November 20th 2016

 Day 2 was a sea day, Mark and I decided to find a nice sunny spot on the pool deck and enjoy the rays. We spent several of the morning hours just being lazy in the sun.
I took a few dips in the pool to cool down, The pool area became a very crowded place as the morning hours stretched into the mid day. Live music was played through most of the day. Once we were crispy from the heat and had enough of the crowds we headed back to the cabin. I found a Birthday cupcake waiting for me. My birthday looked like it may continue to be acknowledged all week.
And the deserts just did the Coronas with lime.

On another return to the cabin we were gifted with wine and chocolates from the on board casino at sea!

After a lunch in the buffet we all made our way down to the Atrium for some games!!!

We all enjoyed Who wants to be a millionaire.
Nothing around but water and skies.
An afternoon of Corona and mixed drinks lead to an evening of fancy dining and family pictures. We were under the impression that there was an evening of pictures with the Captain. We never did find him (The captain), but we did decide to get some family pictures taken,
This is me after a few cocktails ALL day!!!
I think we clean up well.

I snuck a picture while Mark and his mother were posing. I wasn't trying to "take" away from those oh so wonderful (said sarcastically) professional pictures, I was trying to "catch" the moment. I found it so funny!!! I haven't had "professional" pictures taken since high school and some of the poses we were put in had me giggling. (not that the alcohol had anything to do with the giggles). They seemed so silly. My hand on Mark's face....looking up into his eyes, holding my mother in laws arm. Hands on shoulders that DO NOT FEEL natural, Mark and his mother had one picture that had me giggle the most. Her hand on his heart and his hand on top of hers. It looked more like they were a couple. The boys poses were just as odd. I'm still not convinced about the final ones we picked out, but hey we are forever printed in those moments. 
 I did get yelled at for taking the pic. Opps!!! 

After pictures we had a nice sit down meal at the Manhattan Club.

We even had live music, and there is a dance floor. None of us took the opportunity to dance, but it was a nice option.
oh yeah.....and more deserts!!!! I got ANOTHER cake for my Birthday!!!
After dinner, the boys headed to the teen club (Entourage) while Mark, Diane and I enjoyed the casino, and MORE drinks! I thought this women in her wedding dress all alone at a machine was a strange sight.
Out of the dress up and fun on the top deck, I took a highly intoxicated selfie!!!!
and an end to yet another amazing day!!!!