Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caribbean Cruise Day 3:

Somewhere in the Atlantic
November 21, 2016

Day three was another day at Sea! Up first was breakfast. I choose this lovely and delicious french toast with a maple/camel banana syrup.
Then it was on to sunning by the pool. I found a nice not so sunny spot next to one of the hot tubs. Mark found me relaxing in the warm water. This was the ONLY time I was able to enjoy the hot tub the entire trip. (You have to get up early or stay late to score yourself a comfortable spot in these not so hot smaller tubs. ) I met some very nice people while bathing and felt I had found a pretty good seat as scoring a prime deck chair in this area of the boat was like finding gold. Yesterday my spot had been taken over, by families and on lookers of the stage show. Some child even spilled smeg in my flip flop while I rested my eyes. I was quite PISSED!!!
The thing is, there is not suppose to be saved seats. However when I had arrived this morning there were towels draped over nearly every seat. This spot seemed to be both out of the way of the stage and onlookers, but close enough to the pool and they were FREE of a "I'm saved for someone later" towels.  This spot however had very little sun, and Mark wanted sun. When his mother in law arrived and found a spot for three (How did I miss that one?) directly in the sun and easy access to the pool. Mark decided to sit with her. I stayed in my little spot.
I am glad I did. Apparently, there had been towels draped over said three spots my MIL had found. They had blown off as the day had been quite windy. (note to self buy towel clips for next cruise.) When the owners of these towels returned (I was told hours later) a fight broke out with my MIL and this lady's family. My MIL swears that she did not see any towels and I believe her, but the rest of the cruise this women and her family made comments about her to people around when ever they crossed paths. There are signs that report no saving seats and items will be removed by staff if it appears that items have been left unattended for over an hour. I know for sure we had sat for over an hour. I totally get that people want to get their seats in the prime location....but make some attempt to sit with your stuff. Don't be Rude!!!!

The pools and hot tubs have to be my only complaint about this cruise. There simply is NOT enough pool and deck space for everyone.  There is some 4 thousand people on this boat...two main area pools (and one of those pools is filled with kids) there is also only two hot tubs in this main area (somehow these also despite the signs was FULL of kids too.)
There is an upper deck area that is adults only all day. (Which Mark and I enjoyed on our last cruise.) It has a sunning area, a grotto (Basically a shallow cave like area with a waterfall) a bar and two hot tubs. Even scoring a spot in this area was a nightmare, and one night (Its open to all after 7pm) I waited for children to exit the hot tub (I did not want to relax while children played Marco polo besides me.) When I asked the kids (no adults anywhere.) how much longer they would be, as I did NOT want to play Marco Polo, I was shocked that there was not even an idea that hey....we should stop playing games in here as this women wants to get in. I waited patiently for the games to end, only for the kids to be kicked out because they were closing them.

Lunch was in the buffet.,. Every day there was something wonderful and different in the desert selection,

And if you couldn't find what ailed your sweet tooth there were always the baked goods (at an extra fee) from the bake shop. I didn't purchase any of these guys, but instead decided to have a Mud Slide alcoholic beverage instead.

Just as yummy and filled with spirits.
After lunch we played Big Bang Trivia. I thought we would actually do pretty well. Wrong!!! But it was still fun to try and guess.

We spent the afternoon being lazy, had a nice evening meal and headed for the theater for our first of two inclusive shows. After Midnight.
This show was primarily dancing and singing. It was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed it. I think that the boys did too. I do have to admit the Norwegian shows have been pretty spectacular.
After the show, Mark and I had a nightcap at the ships brewery The District and watched some football.
Next stop was the little late night club located next to the casino, where we enjoyed a little live music.

When we finally ended our day, we were gifted with out schedule for tomorrow and this adorable towel elephant in our cabin.