Thursday, March 16, 2017


March 2017

This winter has been, unseasonable for central NY for the most part. Syracuse and the surrounding areas are notorious for the amount of snowfall winning several years over the Golden Snowball award. I recently saw the top ten snowy cities in American and Syracuse was NUMBER 1. With this being said, we have had a pretty mild winter overall. We even had a few days the first week in March when the temperature was reaching 70 degrees. That short blessing was dashed this past week when the northeast was hit with a SNOWY blow.
 My car....
 Crazy right?

This snowstorm despite lasting only a day and 1/2 left us all exhausted from the cold white stuff and longing for a glimpse of spring, PLEASE COME SPRING!
The snowstorm caused me to CA several appointments as well as having an educational training I had hoped to attend be CA on me. My kid was thrilled to have two days off from school, and I can't say I didn't ultilize the time to work from from to my interest. I always feel more productive when I work from home, and I got quite a lot done. BUT....its tooo much of that white stuff.

Just before the snow storm that closed all federal buildings and even shut down Wegmans we had a COLD front that hit on the Saturday of the areas St Patrick's Day parade. This year we skipped the annual parade,
My dog.....(and my son as he had no school.) was the only breathing thing that seemed to enjoy this white stuff.

The birds all seemed so confused. I took the opportunity to try some photography shots.

 All those black dots are birds....I bet they are asking each other what happened?
 The king of the snow!!

Other then SNOW.....Mark, his mother and I had a nice meal at The Wine Garden in Baldwinsville.

We have actually been pretty good about continuing to get to the gym in the morning, This snow slowed us down for a few days. BACK TO it tomorrow I swear!!!

Other then SNOW......

I have been searching to expand myself in activities as well as my education. I have decided to return to school to complete the requirements of my license, but I cannot start this until fall,
In the meantime  I have been focusing on other educational opportunities. This month my daughter and I started a sign language course.

 I have been enjoying this opportunity to learn something new, but also spend time in class with my daughter. She was actually my inspiration to take the class.  She has a deaf friend and would like to work with deaf children.

My certification is due this year, I need 60 hours to maintain my status. I have been taking courses here and there, but I am still a bit shy. Had one course CA due to the snow, but expect that I will get that one sometime soon. NY state has also offered advanced degree of study with the certification. I have already taken the courses needed and was offered (although not yet accepted.) to apply to be a trainer of the supervisory course work. My CASAC status (Certified Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor) has not played an important role in my current position and I am not interested in supervising. Plus I really suck at these representational type of things, I may just apply and see what happens.

Oh Yes......
Mark and I have finally PAID OFF the IRS!!!!!!! Lets Celebrate. It was difficult times in our past financially.....and the IRS had us hard!!! I wont get into how a few hundred dollars exploded into several thousands....but WE ARE FINALLY DONE!!!!!

I have,,,,,
Joined the Farm! I have been hovering and trolling some of the online sisterhood groups, and I finally joined Mary Jane's Farmgirls Sisterhood. I have a number and everything.  Here is a link to the

I also plan to expand myself in the outdoors and joined a group of nature loving women. I realize that I will never get Mark to enjoy a hike in the woods just for the heck of it, my kids are rarely available to do ANYTHING with their mother,  and I am not ready to take on a hike on my own, so I have decided to take some steps towards going with others who enjoy the good old outdoors. I am excited to see where this opportunity will lead, how much I can withstand and if I am cut out for it. Its been a long long long time since I was out in the woods.

I have a few more things on the horizon,....(Trip to Florida...St. Patrick's Day...Wicked!!!) Yep!!! Things will move forwards...SNOW or not!!!