Saturday, March 18, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Turing Stone Resort and Casino
Verona, NY
March 17, 2017

Mark had tickets to the Turning Stone Irish Celebration for St. Patrick's Day. I was excited as we had missed the Annual Parade. Generally, that is the only day I/we actually celebrate this GREEN experience.

I've never been a big fan of corned beef and cabbage (Still not a fan.) BUT anytime I can get a few drinks and have some fun. I am all about it.
I have also been making attempts to try new things and the best time to do this is when it's free and at a buffet. No buyers remorse....
The party started at 7pm, After work we took the 45 trek out to the casino passed a few incidents on the Thruway. (One car had driven off the road and was stuck in the still very deep snow, while another slow down was a semi flipped from earlier in the week.). Once past these not very usual sightings along the way we made it to the Casino.
It was full of green...and packed even at the 5:30 time period that we arrived at the place was busting with people.
We enjoyed a little Irish dancing before hitting the machines.

 I played off my $20- and actually was ahead before I used my free play and sunk in another $20-. I walked away $40- ahead despite it all. Ahead is just how I like it! Luck be a LADY tonight!
 Mr. Lucky glides through the casino floor stopping at some very lucky player. We waited in anticipation for he and his MONEY to come our way... NOPE!!!Okay not ESPECIALLY Lucky Lady tonight....but it was still a great walk away.

 Mark played with the same few bucks wining loosing winning loosing...he left the gaming room in the hole...but we sure had fun!
Time for the celebration.

There were several green giveaways. We got shirts, beads, chocolate gold coins and fun green eye wear. Pot of Gold winners would obtain $1,000.00! (Our name was not called....).
And just look at the food!!! Shepard Pie, potatoes, banger sausage, fries (of course) and I even tried some corned beef.

Dessert was amazing as well.

It was all very YUMMY!!! Still not a corned beef fan.

We enjoyed the music, filled our face...I consumed a weee bit of alcohol and we even got fun pictures at the photo booth.

 (They were fun....but the picture is out of focus....)
As the party wrapped up and our name was not called as winners of the 1,000.00 we assisted the clean up staff by taking home this beautiful centerpiece. (Don't worry I asked first.) They are real and beautiful!!!!

What an amazing way to enjoy this Holiday. We have another Turning Stone dinner next week! Diet??? What Diet???

Busy week of fun coming up as well. On the horizon, Hiking tomorrow. (I'm a little nervous...its still pretty cold here in CNY and I'm heading towards Lakes.) , Sign Language course, Wicked, dinner and scrapbooking....maybe just as exciting...(No way!!!) I am now about to head to the grocery store.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!!