Saturday, April 15, 2017

Girls just wanna have fun!!!Girls Florida vacation 2017

Auburn, Rochester, Niagara Falls NY & Florida.
April 5, 2017

Day 1: Girls Florida Vacation 2017 begins. Alexis and I started our day at 4am. We had to get to Auburn by 5:30 to get Kelly, drive to Rochester to get Patti then on to Buffalo/Niagara Falls airport to catch an airplane by 9:22 am heading to Florida.
Once we got to Kelly's the cocktails began to flow. .technically vacation started before vacation started. My fear of flying prompted the purchase of some mini bottles of flavored rum....just to take the anxiety off pre-flight. Before we got to Rochester to meet Patti...Kelly and I were, shall I roaring and ready to go. Those little bottles of booze has that effect on you I guess. Without sounding like rehab might be a good idea, I was completely off my rocker intoxicated!

Patti's very accommodating and tolerating SO Scott drove us from Rochester to the airport at which time we continued to drink until we reached the airport. How we managed to pass security and get aboard is surprising. We were even given Halls to suck on pre-security and pre-boarding by the gentleman when we checked our bags. (Which we had to pay $50- for and did not expect....still bitter).

Past security and as we waited to board, of course we had a few more cocktails..

Once on the plane....well the party continued.....

Kelly was seated directly behind me. She met these two beautiful ladies. Theresa on the right ended up meeting up with us a few times while we were visiting Florida. She is GREAT people with a kind heart. Most people might have RUN away with all of our antics.

Our flight attendant put up with our antics. How we didn't get a lecture or kicked off the plane is beyond me. Kelly and I barely remember the flight. Apparently I took some random pictures during the flight.

I even got WINGS!!!!

This picture (below) tells the whole story. (notice we are no longer in our assigned seats.) Patti played mother and kept us in line.

Before long.......
We landed! Not once did I get NERVOUS!!!

We made it to Punta Gorda!!! First Stop baggage..where we said our goodbyes to Theresa with plans to meet up at some point during the vacation week. We also met her son CJ and my daughter also met our new friends.
Patti and Kelly get the rental car.
 A little sass in the parking lot.

Car rental complete and onward to Cape Coral.

What can you say about landing in Florida? The sun and the warmth is enough to make you feel all good inside. No WORRIES!!! Aaahh!!!

Kelly had rented a house in Cape Coral center to where her son lives. We were soon at our home for the week and welcomed with not only a lovely home but a welcome of wine. Cheers!!!

 It's definitely going to be an amazing week!

After settling in we did a little grocery shopping, Kelly's younger son joined us and we had turkey subs for lunch/dinner. 

We spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool and planning the next days adventure.
 I was delighted to see this little guy walking in the front yard. I was told later he is an egret and they seemed to be all over the place down here.
 We had a late afternoon shower. It came down in buckets then disappeared just as as quickly as it came. This was the ONLY stint of bad whether we had while visiting.

 It was coming down HARD!

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying each other's company. I haven't seen Patti in nearly 15 years. It was great catching up. She has three adult children and two absolutely adorable grand-children. We laughed a lot, enjoyed a few more drinks and had great fun with each other. 
Tomorrow's plans included a visit to a Rum Distillery.....Great Start to an amazing Girls Vacations!!!!