Friday, April 21, 2017

Girls vacation Florida Day 5

Cape Coral, Avea, Buckingham and Matlacha,  Florida
April 9th 2017

Our time with Kelly's eldest son Joseph and his girlfriend Sarah had come to an end. We planned a breakfast together with Sarah's father in the area where Kelly used to live in Lee county.

Breakfast was at this popular Alva diner,  We enjoyed diner food which was pretty good and a great price before visiting with some horses.

Kelly wanted to take us to a place she affectionately called "Church" and as it was Sunday why not. Apparently they have or rather had a Sunday morning bloody Mary to die for. Well we arrived and guess what...the place was closed. We did walk the very attractive grounds and I took some pictures.

Having been dashed of the "church" experience we instead went to a little bar down the street called The Buckingham Blues Bar. Let me just say it was an experience. Apparently they play some pretty awesome music, but it was a tiny dark bar with no music when we arrived. I am guessing its a local thing. When we walked in the few people there did a long look....One quick drink and were outta here. I had a diet I was DD. Lets go....

The afternoon was spent at a local public beach in Cape Coral.  The Cape Coral Yacht club beach. Alexis was off with her new friend CJ, Patti was looking forward to a day sitting by the pool and Matt was still sleeping. Kelly and I were ready for more adventure and we ended us meeting her friends Stacey and LeighAnne.

Cape Coral Yacht Club beach is located in the bay, so there is no real ocean waves. It kind of reminded me of many of the NY lakes both in color as well as the slight waves that came into the shore.

I am told the term is Brackish which is the mix of both river water and ocean water. I spent some time speaking with a women who was enjoying the beach. She resides in Matlacha. She reported she lives in a tiny RV park. Her reports of both Matlacha and RV held my interest and we spoke for some time. She had been sitting directly behind us when I spotted what I thought may be a jellyfish.....

what do you think? Is this a jellyfish? The women I had spoken to suggested that we encourage the kids to get away as jellyfish often do not travel alone and they do sting. Stacey, LeighAnne, Kelly and I discussed cures to Jellyfish stings including urination. We couldn't find this method on google. Only a "Friends" episode reference.

I thought Jellyfish looked more like balloons floating on the ocean. This guy was clearly in the water. He could have easily passed as a plastic bag or a bit of ocean kelp.

It was all pretty fascinating.
We all enjoyed the sun and breeze through the rest of the afternoon. Nice!.

Stacey's boys had a great time playing football between the small waves.
If you look close there is a bird in that Palm tree. I don't know what kind, but he was playful over our little sunny spot. 

We ended the beach afternoon with plans to meet up for dinner at Matlacha. Bert's was recommended by Kelly's ex husband. (Ex or not the place was great.)
It was back at the house that we started to see these little black bugs. They were coming in droves and seemed to be attracted to us. Patti and I did a beat down as they seemed to be coming in just to get us. Kelly initially thought they were "noseeums" and told us they BITE!!! AGGAHHHH! they were everywhere. Get inside! Once we went into the house they seemed to disappear.
Off to dinner then.

We had originally hoped to eat on the deck outside...but those tiny black bugs were back. Kelly finally asked someone what they were. Well....they are not noseeums, but LOVEBUGS!!! Well they sure do love us...
I was then informed that "lovebugs" were developed in a college lab to cut down the mosquito population. "Did it work?" I asked! NOPE still mosquito's and these buggers are even more annoying. They are pretty stupid too. Several would fly into things land upside down or dive in to drinks.
Just for the record I researched and NO Love bugs were not developed in a Florida college lab. Their cute nick name is because they are usually seen attached to one another lovingly. These guys we kept running in to we little and not mating which is possibly why Kelly didn't realize what they were.
We found a spot inside where we had a bit of music.

And I finally got to see a GATOR.
He was dead, stuffed and apparently missing a limb, but hey I finally got to see one. This creepy wall "art" reminded me of the small crocodile my Great Grandfather once had in his basement underneath the stairs. My Grandfather had actually done the taxidermy on this little guy (he had other small animals in his basement that he had done as well.) and IT TERRIFIED ME when I was a kid.'s memory recall.  
Eventually we decided that we would prefer to sit on the deck. Love bugs or not. The VIEWS were just to pretty!
It looks like a barge out on the bay. We inferred that they must be drudging to make it easier for boats to come in. Any other ideas?

Apparently there are dolphin sightings here, but we never saw any. We did see several birds. I tried to get a good picture of these pelicans that seemed to have a synchronized diving dance with one another. 

Our sea gull friend awaited a much easier meal. Hoping for a stray fry or gifted break of bread?

I sure enjoyed simply watching the water,
The evening was so peaceful.
Dinner was SOOOOO DELICIOUS!!! ( I stayed in my burger and fry box). I am very closed to being a burger expert. (Generally because that is what I get when I am out.) and this BURGER was one of the best!!! I think everyone would agree their meal was SUPERB! Of course the view and setting didn't hurt the overall score!!!
As the sun went down.....OH MY AMAZING!!!

After our meal we thought we would have some time to enjoy the shops and art galleries, but most places were closed. We did take a short walk over the bridge. It was another drawbridge. Of course there were no boats looking to pass, but it was still pretty cool.

Another INCREDIBLE day!!! Oh I am loving Florida. Definitely on my RV list!!!!