Wednesday, April 5, 2017

March is almost over....Spring will soon be here.

March 30th 2017-
Central NY

The work week has been SLOW. I got a lot done, but not much drama. (Guess I should be grateful), somehow I have a feeling that the wheels will fall off while I am on my vacation coming up next week.
Speaking of vacation....I am feeling incredibly anxious about this upcoming trip. I recognize that absolutely under NO circumstance should anyone feel pity for the opportunity to spend 9 days basking in the sun, splashing on the beach, lounging by the pool, sipping cocktails with one's girlfriends and simply doing absolutely nothing but relaxing the time to leave approaches I have become increasingly more nervous. The flying always an issue...but that is not totally why I am so anxious.....But why then????
Well first off...its a long time. 9 days away from my family is very new to me and second......I have no control over any of it. Until yesterday, I didn't even know where we will be staying. (Cape Coral). I found many of my anxieties were relieved after a chat with Kelly the host of this vacation event. I'm still nervous, but feeling a bit more relaxed even slightly excited. I guess I just didn't realize how much of a CONTROL freak I really am. Maybe I should work on "letting it go.". Naaahhhh!

Monday was sign language class. Right now I am not feeling confidant in my abilities. My daughter is busting it out. I've been awful at doing my homework.

Tuesday I dragged Renee off to a FREE seminar on EXTREME COUPONING!!! Have you ever seen that show on tv Extreem Counponing? Well this was a presentation on how to do it. I found that I generally do most of the suggestions, but was excited to learn some new tricks. There were a few contests. I didn't win!!! Bummer.

I was not sure what expect about this event, but we enjoyed ourselves. Renee and I also ended up ordering 5 weeks of five news papers. Yes 5....That ends up to be 25 papers in all. After teh $25- signup we received a $25- gift card which made the whole 25 papers (not added in is Thursdays paper as well.) fork $5-. You see, the key to the big savings is multiple coupons for purchasing items that are on sale. The biggest bonus is that there is a free website that I can Snow go on which will tell me what store and what coupon insert has the best deals. EASY!!After about 5 month (obtaining a stash time.) we should see a BIG savings. As well as throughout but that is when the real savings should hit. If nothing else I spent $5-  for 5 weeks of newspapers that would have cost me $15-

Thursday I treated myself to a pedicure using a groupon. Nice Blue toe nails now. The Spa non the River. It was very nice and I got to wear a crown like a Queen!

I've been working on my farmgirl sisterhood merit badges and an additional blog. If interested...
Thescrappyowl.Blogspot. Picked up a how to blog book at the library. Do I think I need some new skills? YES!
Friday after a busy day at work I met up with Mark and my mother in law at the dealership. I now have a new (er) Rav4. Yeah!!! i'm pretty happy. After arranging the cars, which by the way was a nightmare dealing with the insurance.

At least I missed this fliasko! But I heard about it well afte the nightmare ended. New car and off we went to check in with the kid before we were off running to the TuringStone Casino for yet another "free"night. We arrived just before the dinner rush and made our way to the buffet for dinner. It was yummy of course and we all stuffed our face. Then Mark took me to the VIP room where we obtained a few FREE alcoholic beverages and went searching for some slot machines. I found a few that if nothing else kept my attention without taking my money. WInWin! I ended up ahead $60- this NEVER happens. Score for me!
We had come out to see Billy Crystal!!!!
 No pictures allowed of the show. So glad they didn't search my purse. I had my actual camera in my bag. I never took it out.

Mark had been given two "free" tickets to see Bill Crystal. Although he was not at all interested in attending the show my mother in law was thrilled to go and I went as her companion.
I wasn't sure what the show would be about, but the arena was filed with people eager to witness his comedic banter. Of course I know who Billy Crystal is, I've seen When Harry Met Sally, but I somehow missed the Saturday Night Live skits, all 9 Academy Award shows he hosted and apparently the brotherly relationships he had with both Mohammad Ali and Sammy Davis jr. My lack of Billy Crystal trivia left me a little in the dark about the punch line...however I laughed alot when he did voices and found it quite amazing his multiple accomplishments. (Billy's tribute to Mohammad)

The show was pretty much a reflection of his career. He shared stories, did little skits and showed videos of some of his famous moments. Co hosting was Bonnie Hunt, also an actor.
It took us forever to get out of the parking garage after the show. (DO NOT PARK IN THE GARAGE when THERE IS A BIG SHOW GOING ON.)

Saturday I recognized I needed to bite the bullet and purchase myself a new bathing suit. AGGGAHHHH!!!! Nearly five hours later I got home with one that is somewhat acceptable. Wow!

Three more days and I will be in Florida. Cape Coral here I come. TTFN