Friday, May 5, 2017

Girls Florida vacation Day 7

Captiva Florida
April 11th 2017

Day 7:Our very last full day in the house....nothing to eat in the fridge so here is breakfast. Sad? Maybe!

Kelly's friend Mike was coming to visit from Tampa (he lives in NY and was visiting his family) so we spent most of the morning waiting for him to arrive. The morning was filled with cocktails, lounging by the pool and being silly. (Patti would/will kill me if she saw these pictures on here.)

We were having such a good time being silly. We all had expected Mike to arrive so much earlier then he did so we had a whole morning to hang around the house.

The girl definitely is flexible.
Beverages by the pool.

Mike finally arrived close to early afternoon. After some catch up we were soon ready to head to Captiva.
It was a little bit of a hike to get out to this incredible island...but once we headed over the bridge it was worth everything....BEAUTIFUL is all I can say!!!

I would have been content to stop along the several pull off's along the way, but we were going to the end.
I fell in love with some cute little bungalows we saw as we were coming in. Kelly informed me that was where she had her honeymoon. (I may have to do some investigating, they were darling,)
Navigating this stretch of the road is tedious. There is pretty much only one way in and one way out. This makes the roadways just a little congested.
We had discussed meeting at this "strange" little place called the Bubbleroom, but when we got there it still had a bit of time before it opened. Stacey and LeighAnne were already at the beach by The Mucky Duck, so we were soon off to meet with them.

Once we got a little farther down in Captiva, we found the Mucky Duck and the beautiful beach.

Stacey's kids enjoyed the water.

There were tons of people at the Mucky Duck, Although they were not open for dinner quite yet, their beach seating and bars were open. We put our party of 6 in for dinner and enjoyed the breeze with a cocktail.
Our party was finally called for dinner, A few things I should comment on about the Mucky Duck. It is a popular place with not much room. We were packed tightly. It is also a place known for its FISH, and I am not a fish eater. Basically it was really expensive steak or fish. I struggled to find something on the menu that I could eat. I finally settled on a pasta dish that was yummy but very expensive which I split with Alexis and a kids chicken finger meal, also split with my daughter.
If you enjoy fish, or sea will love The mucky Duck. The rest of our party enjoyed this meal.

Stacey offered her son his very first clam.

What can anyone say? Florida is beautiful and the gulf coast is amazing,

Another great day!!! Think I am going to take a look at the cost of one of those bungalows on the beach maybe some day that can be an overnight for me and hubby while I park my RV somewhere close. TTFN