Friday, May 5, 2017

Girls Florida vacation Day 8: On to Punta Gorda

Good bye Cape Coral On to Punta Gorda.
April  2017

Our last full day in Florida with these girls, and I think it may have been one of my favorite days.

We had spent the morning cleaning the rental house. All clothing was washed and the house looked spotless. Soon we were saying goodbye to our vacation home and heading to find a place for lunch before we said last goodbyes to Kelly's son.

We dropped off Matt and then headed to our hotel in Punt Gourda. The hotel was right on the bay and we quickly settled in and headed to the bar. (imagine that).

Hurricane Charlies is the restaurant/bar attached to our hotel. We ordered cocktails, I had a bucket of something yummy and filled with rum.

Punta Gorda was one of the areas hit pretty hard by Hurricane Charley in 2004. Thus the name of the place. It was pretty devastating, New York may have snowstorms and it can get pretty cold, but we've never seen what damage a hurricane can do.

We thought about relaxing by the pool, but there was an overcast and we wanted to see what was happening in Punta Gorda.

The skies over the bay was looking dark. The rain never came however.

We were told about an area called Fishermen's Village. Although it is a marina, there are also several shops and eateries.

We enjoyed the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and had dinner.

Of course we had to have a cocktail. I found it so incredible that nearly everywhere we went there was always a place to score a drink with a piece of fruit sticking out of it.
We decided on dinner at Harpoon Harry's right on the dip of the dock. We were able to seat ourselves and found a location right on the water. I am so glad we did too.

Shortly after we sat down...we saw two (maybe three) dolphins dancing in the waves next to us. I was THRILLED!!!
I took several pictures through out our dining experience as they stay in the area for most of our meal. I never caught a good shot as they were so quick. Its not like those trained dolphins one see's at Marine Land and they were not performing for all of us gawkers having our meals.

The meal itself could have been S&*% on a shingle for all I could have cared. I think I had a chicken Cesar wrap but most of my attention had been out on the water. My eyes would span the vast water and I would get excited when a wave would glimmer off the setting sun tricking me into thinking I was seeing those incredible creatures, then just when I thought they may have left, I would catch them playfully jumping with one another and I would be all excited again.

Perhaps I'm like a silly little girl,  but this had to be the best part of the trip. To think this is simply an everyday occurrence for some people amazes me. Is it like seeing a deer run by in NY? Who am I fooling, I always get excited when I see a deer in a field in NY anyways,

The sun was setting beneath the clouds illuminating the sky. It was incredible.
The whole evening was simply the best. Although I missed my family and I was actually kind of missing my routine back at home. I could have stayed here forever.

After dinner we did a little more shopping. We tried several skin care products in one of the stores and spent several minutes after application trying to decide if the wrinkles were really fading,
The evening did not end with the setting sun although Fishermen's village was pretty much closing for the night. Back at the hotel however there was a band at Charlie's and while making a wrong turn returning to the hotel I spotted what looked like a a beach party including flaming torches. We did not know what it was or if it was a private party but after deciding that the band was not for us we walked the Punta Gorda walking path which eventually led us right to the Tiki bar, Say What?

This is paradise. This cute little outdoor bar featured colorful wooden loungers and a fire pit and the NY Rangers playing on tv. 

A couple cocktails, and cool breeze and some good conversation. WOW!!!
We sat with a very nice couple who lived in Miami. They informed us that they take small vacations around Florida and were spending a few days away from work. They also once lived in NY.
Could it get any better then this?

We soon tired and decided to call it a night. The trail runs right along the water and although I did not have my camera with me I attempted to get a picture of the night sky over looking the two bridges.

It was most certainly an incredible unforgettable day. Nice that our last was one of the best.