Saturday, May 6, 2017

Girls Florida vacation: Homeward bound Day 9

Punta Gordia Florida to NY!
April 13th 2017

Our Vacation has come to an end.

We made the morning lazy. Reviewed what we could pack and what may be a carry on. I somehow had much more stuffed in my bag then when I went down. By 11 we made our way to Hurricane Charlies for some lunch. Our plane did not leave until 3:30 so we had a very long lunch. While I anxiously awaited my daughter to meet us as she was with a friend Kelly and Patty were confident she would make it to the hotel in time to get to the airport.

She made it with time to ingest some boneless wings I had order for her. We were then off to the airport. The return ride I was fully aware of. Although I had a few cocktails before we left I was not nearly intoxicated. Only one panic attack while were were descending into Niagara Falls. Getting better I think.

We landed in NY sometime around 6:30ish...then my daughter and I still had to get to Rochester then to Auburn and finally home. The ride there was so much more exciting and comfortable. (Maybe I need to be drunk for all trips even the ones on the ground.)
My daughter and I finally made it gratefully home around 10pm. Pooped but satisfied. I had such a great time with my gal pals and it was even more wonderful with my daughter.
One of the best things about vacation is coming home. Funny how one of my future goals is to be a full time RVer and yet I was homesick after 7 days. I think I need hubby with me.
Well that be it. MY 9 DAY VACATION with the GALS!!!
I am so grateful for my friends and the times we spent together. The adventures are always fun, but the best part was the company, Love you Ladies!!! Thanks for the good times. TTFN