Monday, May 29, 2017

Mothers Day, rainy days, and Motown

Central NY
week of May 14th-16th

After my trip to Niagara Falls with work. The rest of the week dragged on. Added to the suffering  was days upon days of RAIN!
Mark and I worked on the yard when we could (between rain drops.) and Mothers day presented a light break in the weather as well as a nice lunch at Cheese cake factory with my own mother and my mother in law. (sorry no pictures. )
I did take pictures of my Mother's day cards I made for my mother and Mother in law.

The food of course was delish! This kids got me cards, and Nick presented me with a nice metal tree he made. Mark gave me a giftcard to Joanne's from "The all the kids" including the two furry ones.
The rest of the day was spent scrapping or tv watching.
Monday came and went. I have been working extra hard to get things done at work as I have felt displayed for some time with all the time I have been away from the office.
Tuesday provided a little relief and some sunshine. It was a theater night and Barb and I were all set to meet for dinner and enjoy a little Motown.

 We had dinner at Pastabilities. I owed Barb a Birthday meal so she picked. I had one of the most yummy burgers ever.
 We were soon on our way to the show.

The story line is based upon the life of Barry Gordy. The musical played out the life and times of the music empire that brought us the Supreme's, Diana Ross, The Jackson five, Smokey Robbinson Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder.
The songs of the days of Motown rang through our heads that evening and even in my head as I drove home that night.
This was our last show of the season. Thinking we may do it again next year. BUT tomorrow I fly off to Florida again. TTFN