Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chittenango Falls & failed Hike through Cazenovia Gorge.

Central NY= Cazenovia/Chittenango
June 1-4th

I have told myself that I must get back on my diet and get back to the gym. I had....finally decided that June 1st would be the day to do so...Needless to say, I never did make it to the gym that Thursday morning and Friday along with a free BBQ offered by an area agency we work with....it was Doughnut day. Of course I could not pass on my FREE doughnut from D&D. I have been telling myself that FREE food is FREE Calories. It seems there is way to often to much FREE food!

Got to get back on track....maybe this weekend???

Saturday did not start off food friendly...and it stayed in the NOT RECOMMENDED for weight loss the rest of the day. I also did not make it to the gym as discussed. Instead....Mark, my mother in law and I went to the Casino.
I will only admit that I did NOT win. I did attempt to eat my losses at the buffet...I left with a stomach ache and a wish that I had stopped myself sooner.

I refrained from having lunch and instead put myself to work on our Weeds...ah I mean Garden...Mark and I have been turning soil and uprooting for the last three weeks in between the rain storms and finally have an area ready for some flowers.

Mark has to return the rocks to re-create the gardens border, but I have a start.
Also worked on was the annual hated opening of the pool. Every year it is an issue....and every year we say were not going to have the problems we had last year. This year has appeared to be smoother then the last. but we still cannot see the pool bottom and the multiple rain days has been only a deterant to both our ability to clean as well as what the chemicals are capable of doing for us.
Oh well... at least it is not green and there are no frogs taking up residence.
Dinner was also a diet NO NOs!!! Pizza and boneless wings. Yummy but not Calorie free.

Sunday I had decided RAIN or SHINE...I had to get my butt moving. A hike with the Women Outdoors was scheduled and I emailed "I'm in!".

The event was to be held at Cazenovia Gorge which lead to Chittenango Falls. I informed hubby I was a little concerned about managing the distance, but he assured me I could do it...and I was off.

Tammy and I arrived ready despite the ticking mist of rain that danced on our faces. This I announced to myself will be FUN!

This is the third Women Outdoor's event that I have attended, and anticipate continuing, I have even decided that I should become an active member. More on that later....

Beverly lead the adventure on this trip. Plan was to hike the Gorge trail which lead to the Chittenango State Park, shuttle back (cars were parked at the falls) then out the The Empire Brewing for a late lunch.

This gathering I only knew one other women. Everyone else was new to me. Like the last two events everyone was very friendly.

Soon we were off....

It was beautiful. With all the rain the GREEN has come!!! Lovely.

 The Cazenovia gorge runs along the creak which feeds the Chittenango Falls. The walk was beautiful and the trees prevented becoming soaked with the rain. Despite the beauty and the company I was struggling...
 Just a recap of my recent mobility.....Ah...there has been none!!!! And my food intake,....there has been TONS!!!
Apparently I was not prepared for the nearly 5 miles of walking this hike entailed,
 I slowed,,, hoping this would be just what I needed....
 Then I sat on a bench for a bit. This allowed some relief on my back pain....

 I look at ease here....BUT..... about a mile into the casually paced walk my lower back was on fire, my chest was pulling in oxygen like I had run a marathon and the light spring showers were becoming a real annoyance.

I pushed through to about 1/1/2 miles in and reluctantly reported I must turn back. There was no way I would make it to the falls.
 Grateful for Tammy who offered to walk back with me, I watched as these lovely ladies all visually older then me keep moving forward with ease..."we'll met you at the falls!" I reported and braced for the 11/2 mile back....
I couldn't do it...this has become my new goal. I am planning on walking my way back to fitness. One step at a time...

We made it back to the car and I was a beaten women. Wet, angry with myself and sore...I felt some relief in the curve of my car seat and a blast from the heat followed up with a long sip from my D&D iced coffee.
Defeated or not, we were going to gaze out at those beautiful falls..even if it meant we were driving there,
 And oh what a sight to see!!!

We still had some hiking to do...but not nearly as much of the straight away that the gorge had offered. It was a long steep shot down... and up, but I was able to master this climb.

 It was beautiful. All the rain we have had the last few months made everything so GREEN and the falls was busting with flow.

 On our way back up the incline we ran into the women of the outdoors walking down. I was shocked to hear they had plans to continue to tail all the way around the creak to the backside of the falls. We were invited...I gently passed. Maybe next time.
We also passed on lunch.. and headed home after feeling the workout on our glutes as we hiked back up the incline.
There is so much out there in the world I want to see and do! I recognize that I must be healthier to make that dream a reality. The ride home that day was somber,....Tammy offered sincere cheers and support for what I had accomplished. Which in hind sight was quite a bit, but not enough,,,and I really should not be getting a pat on the back for what little I did do. Todays Failed hike,,,will be a memory of what I want to become.