Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week of BUSY! Birthdays, Concerts, and brisk walking in Downtown.

July 10-14th 2017

Do I ever stop? Sometimes I feel like I'm running on auto. Monday looked like one of those BUSY days...and I woke up way to early too. I had that Monday morning meeting then it was off...First dealing with a few hospitalizations from clients over the weekend and a meeting with my first client of the day in downtown Syracuse.

I arrived on time, and he was late.....having already put $ in the meter, I started my daily walk.I figured I would do a square around where I was planning on meeting my client and where my car was. So I headed down Salina St.

 The weather was perfect. Perhaps it was the fast pace of the streets and the cars going by, but I found my pace was increased too.
My first "stop" was Clinton Square. I felt a little funny taking pictures as I walked and I wasn't sure when I would need to get back to my location to meet with my client, so I didn't stray to long at any one location. I did a lot of walk.

I found a walking group online for the city of Syracuse. Although I missed several, apparently on certain Wednesday's throughout the summer and into the fall, there is a group for walking the city. Each gathering has a theme and a topic. Today, I had no tour leader, just my own poor directions. I knew if I stayed in a square I couldn't get to lost. 
 Some of the area buildings. I think they are pretty. I noticed many more while walking then I usually do in my car. I'm afraid I don't know what buildings these are, but I thought they were cool.

 From Clinton Square to Hanover Square. Apparently the oldest Syracuse commercial district. At one time many years ago, the Erie Canal ran close to this area if not right through. The weather and this location brought out several people to enjoy.
 I found one of what I believe is several signs throughout the area identifying The Freedom Trail. I was unable to find a walking map even when I googled it. I may have gotten more information had I stopped and read this sign more intensely, but I was on a power walk and figured I would review through the photo later. (Nope I can't really see what I am looking at.)
 A few years ago, my friend Mary and I took a "ghost" walk that was lead by one of the area historical societies. I think the tour had been taken along this identified trail. Although, it really isn't an actual trail like a path in the forest. Its more like identified area's that had some significance to the Underground railroad.
Hanover Square, like Clinton Square are very nicely done.
 As I rounded my square at Hanover, (I don't remember the street) I contemplated going over one more block and decided to simply head straight down making my "square" walking path more like a "Rectangle". Still unsure of when or if I would meet up with my client and it was getting hot, I wisely decided to cut this stroll shorter then my usual 30 minute lunch walk.
 An interesting piece of Artwork.
 The Money Building. Or at least I think that is what it is called. Time....11:34 and I started just about 12 minutes ago. My appointment was scheduled for 11. Hummm!
 It was about then I got a call. Yep! Nate from work calling. My client is looking for me, he was running late. Good thing I didn't do an extra block or two over. I turned the next corner and was soon back on Salina St and meeting for my 11am appointment.
My entire walk according to my walk app was about 15 minutes long. But according to my steps, I still burned in calories just about as much as I had at some of my earlier 30 minute walks. Hun? I guess I really had moved much more quickly. Cheers to that...
My walk done, it was time to get back to work.
The rest of my day at work was busy, but productive. Later that evening was a family celebration for the two July birthdays. My Dad's 70th and My Daughters 22nd.

Tuesday was busy at work. I didn't find time to do my 30 minute walk during lunch. In fact I don't think I even took a lunch...Rushed home to prep for a concert that evening...

Renee and I had tickets to the amphitheater tonight. The Jason Bonnom experience, which was a Led Zeppelin tribute band, Cheep Trick and Foreigner.

Renee and I parked in the NY state fairgrounds parking lot and took the shuttle to the concert area. I should have put my walking app on because we walked A LOT!!!
After finding our seats, we sought out the guys. Carmen, Pat and Joey. They had lawn seats. Way to go groupon. I paid $30- for our seats and they paid $50- for lawn seats. Score for cheep last minute tickets....but I paid $10- to park and bought an $8- water, so I guess it was even. They took a new phenomenon to the UBER! $14- for the three of them. Smart thinking,

The Zeppelin experience was AMAZING!!! I took some video, but I  am singing though most of it and I sound I will save the public from harm and not post. The music however was incredible.

Up next was Cheep Trick. I was convinced that the lead singer was NOT Robyn Zander....Where is his blonde hair? I guess I was wrong. It was him.

I was a little disappointed they didn't play Flame.

 We took another break and met up with the guys before Foreigner came on.
First song was Urgent.

This was incredible. Although the lead singer is not the original, and I was told later there is really not any of the original band playing anymore. They (whoever they are) sounded just like the band. 40 years ago.

No one was standing in or around our seats and I like to dance while I sing like a dying we headed to the sides of the seats for a closer view and room to move without obstructing anyone.

I wont talk to much about the amphitheater, except to say...there really is not a bad seat in the house. It is well designed and offers a nice flow. We were able to move around most of the night freeing us up from confined seats. Food, drinks and restrooms were easily accessible. Parking unlike last year seemed easier even though we were parked quite a distance away from our cars. The bus's moved fast enough and made for easy on/off. I have decided for next show, if hubby does not go with me, I will suggest he drop me off/pick up at the fairgrounds for an easy on and off the highway.
Renee and I had a great time. I was glad we went.

Wednesday I dragged....but made it to downtown Syracuse to meet with my first client for her family court date. I did about a block walk from my car to the court house.  This was my view.
The Plymouth Church, one of the oldest church's in the area.

 Syracuse Family court house.

 Columbus Circle fountain.
My day ended up being pretty busy, so this small jaunt was the only walking I did. No lunch break had here today either. WOW things have been busy at work.
I was grateful not to have any demands on me Wednesday evening. Wished the daughter a happy Birthday had pizza for dinner, spent a little time in the pool, cleaned the pool and was in bed sawing logs by 8pm.

Thursday; The day was so busy,,,I barely remember taking a moment to breathe. Only interesting thing that happened and because I refuse to be one of "those" people I didn't take a picture was; when I was picking up a client post surgery a wheelchair van got stuck in the parking garage right next to me. I was grateful that a gentleman who was paying attention suggested that I move knowing before the van pulled out there was going to be an issue. He was RIGHT. I have no idea how he got the van up into the parking garage in the first place, but when he tried to exit on the ramp going down all everyone heard was an awful scraping noise as the roof of the van crushed under the large metal beams. I watched as he made it through the first beam, noises like the van roof screaming. (Yeah that was what it sounded like.) as he scraped through, but the next beam....well that was where it all stopped. The van inched forward, scraping along then movement. That van was wedged in the parking garage right in the middle of the passage for people to enter and exit. I was so glad I was not stuck in one of the parking spots across the way. I was also glad I was not entering the garage just as it happened.
I got myself out and safety maneuvered around the van obstruction to sit in a long line of cars attempting to exit. next to me were the cars attempting to enter with no where to go. I suggested to some NOT to venture up the garage incline. Whew....someone was looking out for me. Had I been following my scheduled as planned I would have been right in the middle of all of that.
I felt blessed the rest of the day...until I returned to the office and checked my multiple messages...AGGAH!!!! The wheels have fallen off the bus. Lucky I have my wit, and the tools to help people get their wheels back on.

Home...I did some much needed grocery shopping and my friend Carol came by. We spent some time catching up. Glad that she is doing well.
All I can say is thank God tomorrow is Friday and I have a four day weekend...and BEN is coming home!!!!
Friday I was in house all day which meant...aha! Easy day....NOT!!! I did 1001 things and do not have any documentation to prove it. Between coordinating with hospitals, making phone calls to providers, letters and speaking with day was FULL. Before I knew it the day was coming to an end, and I barely completed what I had set out to do. Looks like I will be spending some of my weekend noting what I did on Friday. AGGAH!!! But Ben is here and our weekend can begin.