Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Not so exciting week in Central NY

Wow...Summer is nearly 1/2 over already. Just where did it go? Despite the fast approaching end of the season, this week seemed to DRAG....I even had Friday off and it simple felt like one of the longest weeks in history.
Not a whole lot going on. I have been active at addressing my health. Had a few medical appointments this week. I'm healthy. Still NEED to address that weight thing...but otherwise healthy.

I watched a few really good (at least I thought  they were) movies.

Neither movie is under my preferred genera, but Mark had put Hacksaw Ridge on one night and I was sucked right in. I generally do not do well with these types of movies. High action, suspense and violence add the REALITY factor and I am usually on the edge of my seat screaming. These types of movies usually get my anxiety going, but it was an incredible story about a solder who fought for what he believed in and saved 75 injured men during WWII in the process. Add that it is based on a TRUE story. WOW!!! It was certainly an evening well spent. My pups enjoyed it too. I had hold of them for my own comfort during several scenes. Hubby fell asleep on me... Only Riley was there to offer support when I was on my emotional roller-coaster.

The second movie I watched was Straight Out of Compton. If you take my recommendations just know coming into this, there is a whole of PROFANITY used throughout the movie. It is certainly not a movie for the faint of heart. Its ROUGH! Just like the life story of these young men (at the time) coming up and out of the harsh neighborhoods of California.

I might never have watched this film had it been a sunny summer Monday evening with my family around and anything else on the tv. BUT here I was...trolling the channels, RAIN and no one around to distract me. Of course I could have found something else to do...but here I was...and so it began.

I was a kid of the 80's, these young rappers were hitting the BIG time just when I would have been attempting to find my own musical identity. Back then my musical preference was much more classic rock, with a sprinkle of the new pop sounds then anything close to what this band; NWA was producing. I had no idea however the magnitude of what this music was about for my generation.
I guess when you grow up a white girl in the NY suburbs, these things do not impact you. Amazing what these young men accomplished despite the struggles based on the color of their skin and their social economical background. Add the strain the business put on their relationship and advantage taken by their producer.
Well I thought it was all pretty interesting.

Wednesday was spent at a training on Drug Trends. It was a smaller group of people in attendance, but this made the experience all the more fun. I was educated while we played games and interacted with each other. I'm not sure just how much more I learned overall, but it was a nice escape from the office and I got to see my dear friend Darlene.
 Megan and I had lunch at The Gem diner. I attempted to eat light as I am focused on weight management. 5 pounds gone so far. (I seem to loose then find those same 5-10 pounds all the time...I wish they would just stay lost. )
Its very hard to eat well at a DINER....I cursed Megan for the thought, but went anyways. Lunch was an egg salad sand and fries. I only ate about 1/2 the fry's and took 1/2 the sandwich home for dinner. It wasn't the best but it was much better then if I had been eating like I usually do.
After lunch I took a short walk around the city blocks in an attempt to burn off those few french fries. Back at the training...our jeopardy team  did not win the final round, but we still got a travel mug.

Day well spent I thought. Once home I made dinner for hubby. Ate my left overs (they had so many snacks at the training, I even brought home food for breakfast tomorrow) and promptly passed out watching The Housewives of NY. Is Ramona really that self centered and have such poor insight?

Based upon this weeks events...it looks like I really need a travel day soon.
Wednesday & Thursday were BORING!  I haven't hit the gym or walked all week.....

I took Friday off and had a visit from my friend Kelly. I haven't seen Kelly since our girls Florida trip.
She had her son Matt visiting from Florida and her nephew Devin. The boys are all about the same age and generally have a good time together.

We dropped the boys off at the movies, and hit up a SBH free BBQ. (I can't seem to get away from something work related.)
It was nice to see so many people...I SEE almost everyday. We ate well if nothing less and on my way out of the BBQ, I saw my very dear friend Dennis. (An old co-worker)
 I miss him! Must definitely get together soon. Does anyone ever feel like we say things like that, and yet it never happens? Think I need to make those "we have got to get together...." a REALITY.

Kelly and I got the boys pizza before we headed off to BUNCO. Kelly was a sub for the evening at my monthly girls night of BUNCO.

Kelly was a fast learner...I, no matter how much practice  I get can't seem to take the prize. Tonight I actually won...the biggest looser.
 Tina had brought snack this week and I fell in love with the bacon infused Ritz crackers. After a few cocktails...and several crackers, I couldn't stop talking about how yummy they were...Can I say YUM!!!

Kelly walked away prepared for the rest of the evening.
 After BUNCO we headed out to Hafner's Pub to celebrate Mindy's birthday.

 Mary, Mindy, Renee, Me and Kelly! Great Girlfriends!

The husbands...Mark, Brian, David and Carmen. Its hard to believe I have known (David and Carmen since I was about 5 years old.)

It was a nice celebration with some great people.

The more cocktails I consumed the more I spoke about those Ritz crackers....Mark ended up buying me a box.

For a not so exciting week. The end was full of friends and good times.  TTFN!