Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scrappy Cold Winter weekend! a Princess Party! POWERS OUT!

Central NY
1/11-1/15 2018

As of January 1st, I am no longer a Close to My Heart consultant. Although I have loved being a part of the Close to My heart team for as long as I had, I simply do not seem to have the desire to keep up my end of the partnership. (THE SALES) . I have enjoyed the many hours, retreats, the projects and most of all the women I have met from being a part of Close to My Heart and all of this will be missed, but it is time to move on.
On a more positive note, no longer being a sales person for the company, I can still be a part of the customer world and enjoy the product, the art and the people without the sense I have to make my quarterly quota. I can actually enjoy someone else's business and support them as well.
This being said I signed up for a monthly club with my original upline Sandy and made some beautiful projects on Thursday. I also brought Aimee and saw some old friendly faces, Cheryl.
Aimee and I (who had been doing Weight Watchers on Thursdays) were now on our way to busting the belts with Dinner at B'ville Diner. I had Hot turkey and peanut butter pie for dessert.
After dinner...we decided we both needed a little exercise and while I climbed into a race car out back of the diner....

Aimee took up a little horse back riding....

I did not take any pictures of my time at club.....but rather plan to fill my layouts with the thousands of pictures I already have!
I think it is a happy medium.

Friday our area had a Winter Storm warning. It was nearly 60 degree's during the day (A record breaker for this time of year.) and plummeted to the teens by 6pm. With this came flooding, and ICE!  I had another scrapbooking event planned for Saturday and was convinced there would be no leaving the house. Hubby to the rescue. He took me and pushed through the SNOW in his truck.
The crop was held at Christine's house. Ten people were originally scheduled to attend. It ended up to be a total of 4. The weather was so bad it kept many people at home.

Christine made the most delicious meals for us, and I completed 12 layouts. (That is pretty impressive.)
Lunch was incredible.....

BUT Dinner.....was INSANELY good!!!!

I was in good company for the day; Ann, Christine, Judy and Lynne. It was nice to catch up, be creative and KEEP warm. Very Very Very grateful for my Husband for being the Uber for me last night.
Once home...I updated my albums by putting my finished layouts away and Mark informs me that he has been invited to Del Lago resort and casino for vouchers to a Caribbean Cruise.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????? Looks like we may have another cruise coming our way. I so hope we can take it in 2019. I don't think I can do three this year...but if I MUST....

Sunday evening I had a Girls NIGHT!!!! Party Princess themed. it was silly. BUT good FUN!!!!
 Riley even dressed for the occasion.

The Princess's that attended were; Stefanie, Carol 

 Aimee and Renee.

 We had some alcoholic beverages out of princess straws, ate a ton of food off Princess plates, napkins and placemats. (Riley was all about the food. Pain in my butt!)

Peanut was in Heaven with Renee.  We had some fun with games, catching up and enjoying the evening. 

BONUS is there is no WORK tomorrow!!!! It was a nice night being all about THE PRINCESS LIFE!

Tuesday....BACK TO WORK!!!! I set out my morning plans, showered and headed off to meet with my first client. Completed that morning plan to enter into the office which was in COMPLETE DARKNESS!!!! Apparently we had a POWER OUTAGE!!!!!! Several of us hung around the office with flash lights attempting to do notes on the ipads. (The system was also down.) Finally it was announced that we were to CLOSE the office and we were sent HOME!!!! Can anyone say HOLLAR?????? Several of us decided to have a lunch date and met at Stella's diner!

Awesome!!! (Jenifer, Becky, Barb, Me, Aimee and Stacy.) Becky had just returned from a Cruise. She brought us back maracas!!! She is planning a couples Jamaican VACATION for 2019. I would LOVE to be invited to this one.
I cannot think of a better way to spend my call off from work then with some of the amazing co-workers I have.