Tuesday, February 27, 2018

A travel-less life....but there is always some fun.

February 14th-25th 2018
Central NY: Amy's Slumber Party 2018

Life has been TRAVEL-LESS.....I have not been anywhere for some time now. In fact, I think 2018 has been pretty stationary.
Things around the home front have been stressful to be quite honest.
This semester at school has been perhaps one of the most difficult courses I have ever taken, and the only course according to NY state that I must absolutely have to get my requirements in for my licensing.
I am HATING it......the stress of getting to class and assimilating into the whole back to school thing is over...now it is just trying to get the work in. The course is Research Methods. I have no plans EVER to do any research...and based upon my results thus far, its a damn good thing. I SUCK at this.
APA style writing, reading and reviewing 1000 articles, exploring the data, and now writing my own review and proposal. YUCK!!!! I have a LARGE paper due next week, and I am still unsure about what it is I am suppose to write about.
I have started my new job. I have slowly been getting clients off my case load to begin this pilot position and as I move along towards taking the rains, I am realizing this is a whole lot more then I could have expected. Yikes.
I have also been INCREDIBLY tired all the time...and no its not for a lack of sleep. I feel like I am getting to much actually. I just always seem tired. Maybe its hibernation or perhaps total avoidance. Either way....it is causing me to let some of my life responsibilities go to the side. (Housecleaning, getting to the gym...taking care of myself.) As I type right now, I feel my eye lids getting heavy. I just woke up....
 Despite all the stress...and all that extra SLEEP....I have managed to get some good times in over the last few weeks...so here goes it.

 Valentines Day treats.....
 George joined me and several of my co-workers at a NY State training on "Hearing voices". The course had the class wearing headphones that simulated what it might be like to have schizophrenia. Unfortunately the audio devices had some defects and we only got part of the simulation, but the experience was interesting.

One day....after having issues with the data base, new requirements from the governing body, and just because.... Stacy, Aimee and I got CHEESECAKE for lunch.

Last Friday was BUNCO. I missed last month, so it was nice to see the girls.

I didn't win.......George jr. got some loving.

Saturday evening was the long awaited Amy's Slumber Party. We all wore Micky Mouse garb and ran into Mary in the parking lot. We didn't even recognize her with her new hairdoo.
Cocktails began flowing in the parking lot too.

We thought we were early and planned to beat the crowd...but the line was LONG! snacks and more cocktails in line while we waited.

The long line to check into the hotel. While in line we signed up for massages.

Aimee checking to see if we were members of the VIP list. Sadly we were not. It's all good.
We made it to the room. It was time for some more cocktails and some Wegmans subs.

Stefanie ran into more friends around the hotel. Up next we hit the several vendors to take in. The girls found more leggings. Later Stefanie won an outfit from this place.

And the winning continues.....Aimee won a bottle of wine. 

and scratch off winners too.
George Jr came out for some fun...

Watching a few minutes of the SU Duke game. I have no idea who won.....

Once we entered the ball room area, we decided we needed to get some GLITTER!

We had glitter everywhere for days after.

More wheels were spun, more gadgets introduced, creams, make ups, and even a little lottery.

Spin that wheel.......

trying out these pillow chairs...I so wanted to bring one home that night....

Everyone is sure HAPPY!!!!!
There is a Amy's slumber party costume contest. These gals were pretty cool, but the umpaloompa's stole the prize. (Sorry I missed a pic.) We didn't win either.

Look at those full bags.
Back at the room we had some fun playing the game "Go Fish yourself."

Stefanie had to hug someone while she played...Aimee was instructed to stand on one foot with her finger in her ear....
Amy continued to get Fished...She had to sit with her fingers on her ankles.  Renee had to touch her butt...pictures were taken, but she requested that this photo never be shown.

A little dancing in the ballroom....Only Stefanie was the Dancing Queen!!!
George was so juiced up he passed out!!!!
We waited to hear if we were winners before heading back to our room for our late night facials.

fortunately none of our party was in need of the lost girl tag,,,,,
Free pictures....

I would say the evening was quite a success. We all had a wonderful time!!!!!!


Thank you for no hangover!!!! I got home after Amy's slumber party and went to breakfast with hubby and my mother in law at The Baldwinsville Dinner. YUM.