Saturday, August 24, 2013

STOP! Your Dogs not licensed!

Yesterday morning I worked at the Outpatient Clinic. I was unusually focused and pretty much did my job, and left. (I don't know why I was so unsocial). My plan was to get a FREE lunch and say hello to Mary Ann, over at the Women and Children's program. When I get there, she was the only person there. They had  changed the Women and Children's picnic to last week with two other residential programs. Oh Well., I will at least stay and catch up with Mary Ann... Mary Ann took my old position over seeing the program about 2 years ago. I am surprised to see that she is still there, because she was saying what I had been saying about the position last year. It was nice to catch up just the same, and secretly it's even nicer to see that I did not make a bad decision leaving.  No FREE lunch, but it was a nice visit.

I had lunch at the house, and prepared for my grocery shopping. In the past I would prepare my grocery list matching coupons and getting the deals. I used to go about every two weeks on pay week. Since we have been purging the house of current foods, eating healthier, and being EXTREMLY skinny on the food bill. It has been awhile since I made a MAJOR grocery run and I usually save at least 1/2 on my overall bill with coupons and shopper card. This trip was a little disappointing....when your trying to eat healthier...foods that are good for you...DO NOT ALWAYS (NEARLY NEVER) HAVE A COUPON. Our meat stash was on it's last steak, a few sausage links, and some Kielbasa and we needed meats. Most of my food bill of $79- went to bulk meats. I bought chicken breast, pork chops and even broke down and bought some hamburger. Just because we are all trying to eat better, does not mean that I will be eating some Boco burger or even thinking about grilling up some turkey on a bun. (I might get there someday, but all in good time). I also splurged and got their Friday night Pizza deal. $6- for a sheet pizza that fills us all up and tastes better then Little Caesar's.
Pizza and salad for dinner, then off to the dog park.

Now I know that I do not always do the right thing, and perhaps...just maybe there is a broken piece to my moral compass on some things, but I have been a MASTER at IGNORANCE if it will help me save a few bucks, get me out of legal trouble, or save me from looking a fool.  The Oh I did not know, has been a pivotal key in talking my way out of several tickets, and shaving a few dimes of tourist attractions etc. Oh I did not know that when you moved you needed to change your address on your drivers license, really oh I did not know that there was an entrance fee to tour the Ryman theater, Oh I did not know that the sign over there said do not enter...oh I did not know that the coupon say only one per customer. I think I must be the only person who ever used the "I am a blonde" excuse to get out of a uninspected ticket and actually won.anyways you get my point. Well since we have been taking the pups to the Good Dog Park...I FULLY WELL KNEW that both dogs were expected to have their rabies shots and licensed. I just choose to not READ the licensed part of the sign. So technically(well actually totally) we have been breaking the Good Dog Park Rules since we started taking them. It wasn't like we hadn't taken care of their infectious diseases, or they are some lunatics in the park or anything..they just are not licensed. It was never like anyone was there to monitor, well there was last night, and as we were entering the Park we got NABED! YEP...there she was the big bad county park officer with her little badge, decked out county park patrol car and clipboard at her arm. Do you have rabies vaccination records and proof of license? HUN? WHAT? I did not know???? DUH!!!  "he's a puppy and we just don't have any record of the other can we still use the park?" NOPE...and here is the list of the Dog park rules..enjoy your evening. BUMMER! At least we didn't get a fine or ticket or something. Really now, why the freak do we have to license our dogs. Just another way for NY State to get money. So now I am looking on how to get our dogs license's.

Instead of the Dog Park we walked the area surrounding it.  According to the Officer, that was OK! and after the walk the boys had ice cream as did the dogs. A least we got in some exercise for the evening. I wanted to go to another park since we have been at the Good Dog Park now nearly every night this week, but I was VETO'd as a NO. Sweet Treats was our ice cream destination (same place we went the night before) and the dogs again got their treats as well. 
Gavin's creepy batman ice cream...What is up with the eyes? and when did Batman get so evil looking.

How cliché the small dog walk near the ice cream place was a real fire hydrant. I had to get Peanut blessing it.
Once home Peanut got a much needed bath, I watched the movie How to Loss a Man in 10 days, and off to bed. Today I hope to get out and about, and we have FREE tickets (thanks to the neighbors) to the Syracuse Chief's game this pm.
we found this skin carcass of a cicada bug in the back yard, and had a small discussion about them. I am not so worldly about bugs, but this thing was pretty neat. Gavin did not care that this was just his skin shell and wanted it DEAD. Well you can't really kill it..but if you must, just let me get a picture first.