Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Friendly Sunday, a medically challenged week and WINE cures everything.

Sunday was filled with friends.

It had been quite a while since all of the girls and I got together so a Catch up day was a must. Although the intent was to scrapbook, we really just enjoyed each others company.
Mindy, Cricket, Mary and I caught up on LIFE! The kids played and took a dip in the pool. We have planned a MOM camping trip in July and I cannot wait. We will be going to Watkins Glen State Park. Mary's pick. Two campsites, five Moms (Tammy is coming too) and 10 kids!!!! YIKES!!
Just loved having everyone around, it feels like it has been years since we got together. A Mom's trip will be so much fun.
I ended the day with a quick dinner at Subway and a movie with the boys. A Million ways to Die in the West.

Seth McFarland movie. It was funny if you like that kind of stuff. I laughed and I enjoyed the film.

Monday was a full day of work (Vera House), medical appointments (There is something wrong with me), and Transformation class. (Only two weeks left).
I started having some concerns with my legs last week and have gained a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. Edema in my lower extremities and puffiness in my face, neck arms so bad even hubby was concerned. Spent the week doing tests, blood work and yesterday I had an EKG. My heart looks okay and the swelling has gone down. For now a few changes in medication and some Water pills..and I am starting to look normal again. Still not sure what is happening to me, but they have ruled out the serious. I am guessing it is still a thyroid issue, but we will see. Nothing says SUCK like being unhealthy. At any rate the medical follow up has taken most of my time this week, so nothing else exciting to reported. Tuesday I had an unexpected visit from Tammy who is very concerned about my health. Her quick stop ended up in two empty bottles of Red Cat wine. It was nice company and we both needed time to VENT. Well, she vented I drank and supported.

 Heading off to the Vera House recognition luncheon and do some cleaning before Friday. I intend to post pictures.  I expect a visit from Cricket tomorrow. Plan is to work on some craft projects. I have been busy making SMASH books. My new crafting passion while I have been scrap booking digitally.  TTFN