Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ready to CRAFT...Nope, other things happened instead.

Somethings just never work out as you plan....Cricket never showed up..but Mary did! Okay let me explain. As I was waiting for Cricket, Mary calls and wants to know where we all are. Puzzled I say??? HUN?? I'm here waiting for Cricket..where are you? At Mindy's ready for our breakfast that is to be held next  Friday....Silly girl. Come on over. She comes over and we wait, and wait and wait for Cricket. Breakfast gone, Lunch approaching. Tammy calls she's going to stop by too. Mary and I wait, and wait some more. She reports she has to get going as she has work...Well it was nice to see you Mary! I enjoyed catching up with things...
I was all prepared with my crafts I bought the night before at nearly NOTHING!

After she leaves, still wondering where is Cricket?? I happen upon Facebook and read her message three 1/2 hours later...She will not be here. Thanks....I call Tammy where are you? I thought you were on your way over...yep right on the street over.  Nearly 1pm and starving...Lets go to LUNCH and THE MALL!!!( Tammy was anti-pictures all day and I was the one in NO MAKE-UP and ready to SPEND THE DAY IN MY HOUSE DOING CRAFTS) I am eating.....cheesecake no less.

Were off! Lunch at Olive favorite place to GORGE myself SICK....We had the best waitress too. Deciding we would MAXiMIZE our spending budget we decided upon the 2 for $25- including a desert. (Because we both needed that NOT). I also had a coupon..LOVE THAT!!! Lunch for two, endless salad, soup and bread sticks, Chicken Alfredo( I have never had it with the chicken and it was YUMMY) and chocolate raspberry cheesecake for desert! $11- a piece....and our waitress got us an extra soup and filled up our to go bag with those free after dinner mints. ARE we SICK!!

She made a joke on her card about the soup. I ate so much soup and salad and breadsticks...then tried to eat the main course and desert I was STUFFED...and Tammy dragged me to the mall.
We spent way to much time in Spencer's laughing at the incredibly inappropriate items for sale in there. I got an especially inappropriate item for Mark for father's day...

I bought him his very own Ted. Ted talks too, what he says is R rated!!! I think he liked him...
I also threw in some fatherly love with several scratch off's. Can you say degenerate??? Were going to the casino tomorrow...why NOT give the father of your children scratch off's and a vulgar teddy bear for fathers day? It's totally better then another tie or a hand made T-Shirt he will NEVER wear.
Up Next...75% off sale at Bath and Body.
SCORE!!! I got five hand soaps, 1 three wick candle, a car sent with holder, perfume spray, an entire facial and moisturizer set for my mother (late Birthday) and hand lotions for $30- SCORE!!! ( I had left my coupon at home, but a nice women in the store had one...BONUS ROUND)
(Birthday gifts for the girls...)
I Love sales! I might even go back as there are more birthdays coming up and what a great gift. Speaking of Birthdays...After a day of indulgence, Tammy and I spent the rest of the evening indulging in wine and friends. Renee and Carol came over (Their Birthdays are coming up).

It was nice to catch up with them. I haven't seen Carol in forever. The kids all went swimming in our NOT so up to code swimming pool. Ewweee!!! It is not the color a pool should be, apparently the kids did not care.
So no Cricket, no crafts, and no Friday the 13th movie, but it was a GREAT day surrounded by some food, good deals and AMAZING Friends. Thinking that pool needs my attention today....TTFN