Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Crouse Dance

Destiny Mall
Syracuse NY
April 18th 2015

Through out the year, my friends and I have been attending the Crouse Spirit of Women celebration.
 Here is a link....

There were a few evenings over the year that held an evening of food, relaxation, information...a photo booth for each event paired with a lecture on Women's health. These evenings concluded and then there was the Day of the Dance. This FREE event was held at the Destiny Mall in the canyon. Tammy and I went and she brought her daughter Allie and Allie's little friend. We all Had the BEST time...Up first was getting teddy bears....
Meet Fuzzy and Wuzzy....I can't remember who had which bear but they each got little hospital bands as they took an adventure in medical care.
One bear had a broken leg while the other suffered a broken arm. The bears were taken through triage, x-ray and provided with a little blue cast.
Feeling much better Fuzzy and Wuzzy were shown how to brush their teeth and the girls were given an opportunity to practice on a funny looking monkey with BIG TEETH!!!!

Allie gets to floss this monkey's teeth!
Great Job Ladies....

Amy of "Ted and Amy" the 93Q local radio station opens up with information on the event. Through out the day there were dancer who taught the audience  moves...Tammy and I tried the line dancing. I thought it would be fun to attend a line dancing class. (I was informed that Toby Keith's did a line dancing class on Tuesday evenings and made a plot to get some co-workers there sometime after work...a few weeks later Toby Keith's shut down over night....mysterious....)
The Syracuse University Cheer leaders lead many of the dances...

In between dancing,,,we entered contests, talked about women's health and learned a few things about keeping HEALTHY!!!

I had all of my children except my daughter at Crouse Hospital. They have an extensive neonatal unit. I got a little silly with their baby demo...(Just the thought of having another baby....NO!!!)

Otto the Orange. Syracuse University Mascot enjoyed a picture withthe girls. (Check out their painted faces..)
If a picture with an Orange (If that is truly what Otto is) isn't enough how about a picture witha Subway SUB!!!
Subway subs were offered for lunch. I enjoyed a turkey sub. It was yummy!
Beautiful Tammy.
Once we had our fill of Dance fun we headed off to Joanne's where we participated in another FREEBEE. We all made colorful shaving cream designed paper.
After Joanne's we had some after lunch eats at Margaritaville. I had not eaten then since it opened up in the mall and was excited to have a fun fruity drink. Hey...It's five o'clock somewhere.
The girls take a break in the lounge chairs.

I settled on a virgin strawberry margarita....but I could not resist the fried cheese curds. OMG!!!
Don't we look festive?
The girls wanted desert and they ordered a chocolate hurricane..
This ice cream chocolate, marshmallow, camel, candy bar. brownie yum was spinning while more yummy toppings were added. (I guess that is what makes it the Hurricane)

and it is BIG tooo....
This is what was left....
We ended desert and headed out in the mall having some fun at Five Below and stopping at the candy store. (as if anyone needed anymore candy.) I saw these cute little lady bug chocolates and got some for the girls.
We all got new summer shoes...(Flip Flops and I got myself some summer wedges.) and some silly Minion masks...

Even Tammy got in on it....
and poor Renee was simply driving by the house when I stopped her and invited her to were a minion mask too!