Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Weekend in the Adirondacks

Brant Lake, NY
Saratoga, NY
Aug. 4-6th 2017

Friday after work I rushed home and packed up the rav4 and we headed to the Adirondacks for the weekend.

We took Route 8 north heading to my co-worker and friend Tracy's camp on Brant Lake. Route 8 was a beautiful drive. Mark and I fell in love with the area along Hinkley Reservoir. I decided I want to move. (I guess we will have to see about this..)
We stopped at the Oxbow Inn for a snack. Too much food!!! But yummy!

The clear skies darkened and we drove for a bit in a downpour. I hoped it was not a prediction of the upcoming weekend.

When we arrived at Tracy's....we were welcomed to this.....

I had always loved the Adirondacks. This flooded all my memories as a child spending the summers in the woods, lofting on the lakes. So nice....I couldn't wait to get out on a boat, take a swim....but look at that. YIKES!!!!Remind me to stay away from the rocks.
That's one big ugly snake.
Tracy made sausage with peppers and onions for dinner, and we enjoyed a fire with some alcoholic beverages. RELAXATION!
The males in our party spent the evening discussing horses. Tracy's husband Matt and her son Taylor are especially interested in horse racing. Mark was in heaven. They planned an early morning at the track the following day. This plan changed as the weather reports predicted rain and thunder.

Saturday morning, since the early morning track plans were dashed, Mark and I took a drive into Glens Falls (His hometown) for a ride down memory lane.
We drove past his childhood home, his school, the many eateries he enjoyed growing up. We did a drive along the tourist area in Lake George and smiled thinking about the many trips we took the kids to the Great Escape as we drove past hours before the theme park opened for the day. Mark, as always, gave his play by play account of friends houses, the parks, his grandfathers scrap yard. He has told me the stories over and over, but I listen again as he enjoys these memories so much. Our last stop before we get on the North way back to Tracy's camp is a visit to the cemetery. Many of Mark's relatives are there; his father, his Grandfather, his Grandmother. We place stones on the graves and remember them fondly before heading back.
When we returned to the camp. Taylor and Mark were ready to go to the track...and Tracy was eager to get the guys out so she and I could get out on the boat.
The predictions of thunder and rain were wrong. Although there was overcast the sun eventually poke. Tracy and I discussed plans to go to a few local shops before taking out the boat and I tried out my camera a little while she got ready for the day.
Tracy's camp is along the lake edge, The area is lined with thousands of water lilies and lily pads. I find these floating frog homes magical.

Below are Three brothers mountain ranges. 

These pictures do not capture the beauty of the area.

I found a heron and zoomed in as close as I could. 

Tracy and I went into town and visited a few of the country stores. Big foot was visiting this one. 

There was a sweet bear there as well all dressed up. Must be she is ready for the race track.

After some shopping. We were ready for the boat.
The scenery was beautiful.

From Tracy's camp to enter the lake we had to go under the road.
Everybody duck.

Some of the beautiful houses that line the lake.

Tracy informs me that this is the girls camp. Imagine going to camp here?

After a tour of the lake and a little speed. We stop and enjoy a lite lunch of cheese and crackers.

What is going on with my hair?

Originally the plan was to do some swimming. It had not really warmed up enough to take advantage of the lake for some leisure time in the water. I didn't even wear my suit. I did however bring it, and after some discussion about getting in and feeling I would regret it if I didn't we changed on the open waters and jumped in. 
It was COLD...but refreshing. I am not nearly as adventurous as I once was...but I was not about to miss an opportunity to take a dip in the middle of that lake. 
Wet, refreshed and a bit chilly we headed back to camp to prepare for the afternoon. Time to meet up with the fella's at the race course. 

Saratoga Race course.

The place was PACKED! Today is the Whitney. This means something, but I am not totally sure what. It's a race held to honor Marylou.
I am told the gentleman on the left is a famous chef.

Tracy and I wondered around. It was getting pretty hot. We signed our names on this image. It was encouraged we really did not deface this artwork.

It was difficult to get to the rail there were so many people. I instead enjoyed my spot in the sun with a few cool beverages.
The Whitney....
And the winner is...
Pretty soon the day turned to dusk, and another race day came to an end.

We headed back to the cars with plan to meet in Glens Falls at O'Tools for dinner.
Dinner was yummy....and the night sky was beautiful.
We were all pooped after a full day. Mark and I were asleep by 9pm. Sadly No evening by the fire tonight.

The plan was for the guys to head to the track early and for me to meet Mark later and head home from there.
Despite this being Mark's most favorite thing in the world. He had actually had enough of the track. He did go with Matt and Taylor to the morning workout and enjoyed that, but  later went to the Raceino for some gaming. I met him there later in the day.

I woke up early and enjoyed the outdoors with a cup of coffee.
I even decided to take a walk.
I began walking down the long winding street that I had assumed would be lined with all those homes I saw from the lake yesterday. It wasn't long however in my walk that I was completely alone in the WOODs!!!
I trudged up a long hill and once I gained my breathe...looked around at the vast forest that surrounded me and listened to the cackle of two rather large crows.
Maybe it was my imagination or the ominous call of those crows...or maybe I was just to lazy to take one more step...I don't know, but I decided that I didn't  feel that particularly safe. I know it's crazy... what is some crazed woodsmen going to come running out of the forest and chop me to bits? Maybe Jason's Friday the 13th killer is watching me drag my fat arse up this hill and thinks...well that will be an easy chase, or maybe it was a bear licking her lips at the idea of just how good I might taste.....whatever was in my head...I decided to descend the hill and head back to Tracy's camp. Chicken!!!! Yep!

It wasn't shortly after I returned that Tracy awoke. After coffee and some breakfast we were off on another water craft. This time it was a kayak.

And we were off into those lovely water lilies.

I brought my camera...but struggled even using my phone to take pictures. Every time I stopped paddling my vessel would go into the brush...I really am not good at this kayaking thing. I did not want to get stuck in the shallow mush along the sides...
stay still little boat!!!!

I was still pretty impressed with the pictures I got with my phone.
We paddled in pretty deep.

all the way up to a beaver damn. No beavers....but they had started to bridge a damn. (I wonder why they do this.)

I could have continued deeper, but we choose to let these beavers hard work rest and head back. 

Those Lilly pads are actually pretty big. Maybe you could find a fairy princess living on one.

We paddled the river area and into the lake itself.

Ahha!!! What a wonderful weekend.
I had such a great time....but it was soon time to head home. I really didn't want to leave hubby at the casino to long and it was nearly an hour drive to Saratoga to meet him.
Thank you so much Tracy. TTFN