Thursday, July 12, 2018

Birthday Fun, Banging around the house, Work?

Week of June 21-June 28th 2018
The weekend was fun with camping, but there it was back to real life. I did make a few decisions over the this week, and one of them is I absolutely have to quit my job and commit to the schooling. I am SO close. Now I just have to get an internship going and apply to school for the course work needed. It's a decision I hope is not a mistake, for as much as I have struggled with my career choices, this has been my absolutely favorite position......sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.
Anyways....June 21 was Mark's Birthday. We celebrated with dinner at Applebees. His mother joined us.  We also were able to score a end of dinner Birthday dessert although, I had cake for him at home too.

The 23's was Renee's Birthday, we celebrated with a Paint and Sip night at Painting with a Twist. Several familiar faces were there, but also some good old friends I have not seen in awhile. (Mindy) was there to enjoy the evening with us.
Here's the gang.
Happy Birthday to Renee. barb joined us too.
and pictures of the final product. I made my moon round. I tried so hard to make it a silver moon, but it looked so silly. I finally just painted a circle.
It was so much fun!

The rest of the weekend was spent at the pool cleaning and getting the yard addressed. Still need to get the solar lights set up in the ground, but looking good. You can't tell I stained that deck last year can you. (WOW)
On Wednesday evening Aimee and I met with old co-worker Sandy at Eva's Polish restaurant in Solvay, NY.  

I had potato pancakes for dinner...

and a cream puff for dessert. Isn't this arranged so lovely?
Sandy has been at her new position now for a few months so it was a treat to meet and catch up. She is enjoying the new position and what she is doing there. She is providing Assessments for substance users for court and treatment recommendations.
I have been "busy" at work.....I found an app on my phone and had some time to be silly! 

Mark and I had date night, dinner at Cheesecake Factory (we finally used our Christmas Gift Cards from 2 Christmas's past.) Then we watched the movie Deadpool II. I really enjoyed it.

Great fun. Keeping busy.....TTFN

Friday, July 6, 2018

First RV trip of 2018

Central NY
The Villages at Turing Stone RV resort
June 14-16th 2018

The past week was pretty good, although I did get some sad news that my co-worker and friend Stacey is leaving and has a new position with an agency closer to Auburn. Every time a good co-worker leaves, and even more so when it is a dear friend of mine. It makes me re-think my own position. 
Stacey has been there since the beginning. She was the first of our small team. Her leaving is a symbol of the deconstruction of everything I loved about my position on the dual team. Her leaving is the end of a team, (as it is only Barb left.) the end to what once was. She was the one person who would always remind me of what I loved about working there. It saddens me so much to see her go that I cannot even think about it without tearing up. She gave me her injured frog the other day. The one she got with her drink while we were in Niagara Falls at Convention last year. I told her to "get away..." I didn't want to think about her leaving. I am certainly the Queen of avoidance. 
I get why she's leaving and I support her 100%. It is the right thing to do. I selfishly do not care if this is the best for her and her family, but I do understand. Things where I work, just are not the same. 
There has been a ton of additional work put on us. New expectations, additional paperwork, demands...but no increase in pay, no mention of raises and no hint that there will be. I get it. Human Services is a financially reward-less career and an ever increasing BURN OUT rate. 
The things that have made me stay, (The longest place I have EVER worked in my life) are just not enough to keep people there anymore. The job used to be still is to some degree, I have some of the most amazing friends at my job...we are some of the closest friends ever, but even some of them are leaving or considering such.  
If you have ever read any of my previous posts, you will know that I am/are/is and will be forever considering what I want to be when I grow up. Here is a picture of me back in my first PROFESSIONAL position. Sometimes, I miss those days. I actually had less options and somehow I was content in my employment.
Hubby continues to encourage me to follow my wants...but that is just the problem, I do not known what I want to do. I placed a call into my former school to discuss with an old advisor. This answer may be the thing that changes all things.
In the meantime, made a delicious Breakfast for LUNCH. YUMMY

Went to the first SBH BBQ of the year and enjoyed Dinosaur BBQ. YUM

And on Friday afternoon, Hubby,myself, my youngest son and Riley (The puppy) took our first RV trip of the season.
It did not work out as we had hoped. This is the second time we have ever used the RV. Pulling it as well as backing into the space has continued to be a challenge, but Mark feels like he is getting the hang of it. Things were struggling, but that only I was setting up the water system, suddenly we had a flood on the other side of the RV. The hot water valve had flown off and water was spraying everywhere. We tried everything to get the valve back in and even when we thought it was back in place it would leak. We called the RV place and were not given any help. Mark was out of his mind angry. This was after all the second time we had ever taken the RV out ever.

He ended up driving back to the RV place and purchasing a new piece while Gavin and I played games. He continued to be angry the rest of the evening and when we still couldn't get the piece to fit he was rageful. I was too. I was ready to give the RV away.

 We also were missing our wooden blocks that help to support and stabilize. (These things were in the RV before we had the thing winterized.) I spent most of the weekend scared that the RV would roll away.

 This was the piece that was broken.
At least my bed looked nice an comfy. And there was still tv, electricity, AC and the fridge was working.

 We decided that we simply were not going to have water, and I attempted to enjoy the camping experience, before we knew what was happening, we had realized that our exterior lights were also not working. Really.....At least Riley was enjoying himself.
The following morning things looked better.

This RV park is incredibly amazing.


just look at these babies.


As Saturday progressed and the weather looked good, friends stated to join us at our home away from home.
Aimee came out, Kelly, Matt and Shawn came out, My daughter her boyfriend, his twins and Renee and David all came out.
Mark and I started the day at the Casino buffet and playing some slots. I won a few bucks (not much) we met his mother for this brunch and an early fathers day gathering.

We enjoyed the relaxation of the early afternoon and made our way up to the pool while the males made their way to the casino. Mark won a few jackpots.

Dinner was burgers, dogs, fruit, mac salad and David figured out how to fix our little hot water tank problem.

The boys had the most fun and I enjoyed their company.

Aimee had some fun is flowing freely.

After some pool time we had s'mores and played cards. I taught the boys how to play blackjack. They really enjoyed the idea of "hit me".

Despite the difficult time starting out, we had a wonderful time at camp.
Below is a picture of the SBH BBQ with Stacey. I will miss days like this with her.