Wednesday, February 14, 2018

All about the good eats and lame excuses.

 Central NY
February 1st- 14th 2018

...I swore I would be back to the gym come Feb 1st. This was after I had decided that their was simply no way I could focus on a diet and gym regime with all the stress my life had through most of the month of January.
Feb. 1st came and went....I found myself eating through Feb. 2nd, 3d, and 4th (Hello SUPER BOWL is totally about eating JUNK)....and with the COLD SNOWY days, getting to the gym at 4am was absolutely out of the equation.

On one a snowy afternoon. I was given chocolate cheesecake. Even George jr couldn't pass this up. On another day, I met with co-workers at a local training school restaurant named "With Love" to met with a client in their program. I skipped the meal and went right to this amazing cream burlee.

 To tired to make dinner, busy with late night class, and to cold to go grocery shopping I ate McDonald's for dinner one night, Subs another and Pizza and Wings as a "treat" on Friday. Yes...So far February has not been a good start.
Sunday....forget about it!!!! Chips, Wings, cheeses, dips...

I felt momentarily better about myself after a new hair doo and a brows....
Lets hope Monday will bring on a NEW attitude, less good eats and a SPRING bod!!!!

Of course this has not been the case for Feb....

So much STRESS has entered my life and although things like healthy eating and clean exercise would be the best combat to this....I have continued this month with my poor choices and lazy habits.

Superbowl Sunday was a day full of indulgence of BAD for ME foods. Go EAGLES!!!!

 So far this month my focus has been on transferring over to my new position at work, dealing with school and yes eating LOTS of junk.

My new position has not fully started as I have been slowly transferring my clients to new people. There is nothing easy about this process and I have found more tears then smiles as I say goodbye to some of the incredible people I have worked with over the last three plus years. It is amazing just how much of an impact these individuals had on my life. Giving their care over to others has been incredibly painful.

School has been both educational (as it should) and a headache. I now know why it has taken me 10 years to return.....I absolutely HATE it!!! Papers, readings and exams...YUCK!!!!

All this work has pooped me out. No time for travel... nothing but weekends full of LAZY!!!!

I did steal away to Sherrill NY for my friends 50th Birthday party!!!!


I attended a training simulation on hearing voices. We all had to wear ear pieces and attempt tasks while hearing these voices in our "heads". There were a few bumps in the training. (The mp3 players didn't work.) George enjoyed it all however....
 Valentines Day....lots and lots and lots of YUMMIES!!!! Renee brought me some of her hubby's valentines day cheesecake.
 More chocolate!!!
 and a little love from the family.

With all that good eats.....I guess I can't help but find excuses. Maybe tomorrow I will begin again. 
After all I have a Florida trip planned in just under two months....and I bought DISNEY tickets this afternoon.....better get moving or I will not fit into my summer garb!!!


Saturday, February 3, 2018

January comes to a close....LuLaRoe...and Del Lago

January 22-January 31st

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful. I registered for school, thought my remitted tuition was submitted and sealed, but it wasn't and I missed the deadline.  I had one of my clients pass away, which is always difficult and as I transition into my new position at work, I have been delivered the burden of cleaning up case work and doing what I can to address needs in a very short period of time. Weeeuuuu!!!

I finally got my schooling addressed and started another semester. Research Methods. Yeah..its as exciting as it sounds. I am getting the hang of the transfer into my new position slowly but surly.

With all the stress I welcomed a Sunday morning expo with friends. This LuLaRoe clothing is such the rage. After my last vow to never spend a penny on these "cult" like following of fashion and the $100- I spend after that vow....I have purchased all I ever need to....and so I went to the expo to support my friends and get out of the house.

We all walked along the multiple rows of brightly colored leggings and several thousands of tops each fashioned after a girls name like Sarah or Carly. And of course....I ended up buying just a few more items....

I'm a sucker for Disney......

Along with the abundance of LulaRoe items offered were some of those home sales items like Pampered Chief, Tastefully Simple, and lots and lots of jewelry tables. I stayed away from most of these. Although I did win a $20- gift certificate to Pampered Chief. I'm afraid to use it....I already have enough of that stuff taking up my cabinets from when friends use to sell it.

We all entered the local radio contest which was an evening for FOUR at the 2018 Amy's Slumber Party. 

All agreed if one of us won...we would take each other...Never expecting to be a winner. Our Aimee was selected!!!!

Here is our Aimee with Amy of the radio station 93Q.

This looks like the GIRLS that will be going to Amy's Slumber party next month!!!!
I won the 93Q spin the wheel...and got last years Amy's Slumber party T-Shirt. I had Aimee wear it to REPRESENT!!!!!

We have decided to wear Disney themed clothing for the overnight. (Can't wait....) We got some ears to go with the outfits. 

Speaking of Winning......Mark had won another FREE Cruise. This one was with the Casino Del Lago. We will be taking three cruises this year!!!! WOW

We had to go out to Del Lago to receive the voucher, but it also included a dinner and music.

 We are thinking a Western Caribbean Cruise for this one.  Maybe next January. (It is the last month you can book.)
 Dinner was unusual....Lots of fish. I am not a fishy person. I did enjoy the blacken chicken wings and the pineapple dessert was YUMMY!
 This is a new cruise line. Celebrity, I have never heard about them. We are both excited. Looks like there will be a WHOLE lots of traveling going on this year.
Somehow by the end of January. I am feeling less stressed and ready for a new month!!! TTFN

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Music, dining, slots and a Hotel: An overnight at Del Lago

Waterloo, NY
Del Lago resort and casino
January 16 &17 2018

My husband is (and perhaps always will be) a gambling man. I have shared several of my spousal perks of being married to such a man in previous posts. This past week I was blessed with yet another perk of his "hobby".

He was given (yes 100% FREE) an overnight stay, concert tickets and dining for Wednesday evening at Del Lago resort and casino.

I took some time off from work to enjoy the fun.

First up was the Free concert:
Green River Revival is a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band.

They were actually pretty AMAZING. Songs like Midnight Special, Have you ever seen the Rain,  Fortunate Son, Proud Mary, Lookin out My Back Door and Bad Moon Rising filled our ears for over an hour and a half. They even did an on cour return to the stage. 

The music was very very good.  I was surprised that  I really enjoyed the show and even more surprised I new most of the songs.
After the show, we checked into the room. We even had a champagne toast check in. 

 The bed was so COMFY!!! I joked with Mark about taking the hotel room and planting it in our house. Bathroom included. 

 Mark and I had a few laughs about the robes.  He had been awarded a free robe from Del Lago a few weeks prior, but had set it down and it was taken. He had complained, but got no results. husband is not one to "Let things go!" So he emailed Del Lago and his "hostess" granted him a new robe before we left on Thursday morning. NICE!!! Guess we will be back....

Included in our FREE stay was a $50- food voucher. The place we were suggested for dinner was closed to we went to Smash Brothers.

Of course I am not one to complain about Burgers and Fries...EVER.....and THESE DID NOT DISAPPOINT.

Yummy!!!!! Mark got Smash Fries and they were SUPER YUM!!!! (Highly recommend)

 After dinner and some relaxation we played some slots. I walked away about $24- richer. Mark was up...down...up....down...He eventually walked away a WINNER!

Later that evening.....

Mark had free food vouchers on his players card that would go to waste so he suggested we do the buffet. Perhaps a little pricey for just dessert, but I have decided that Del Lago has the BEST desserts I've had at a casino!  Maybe even EVER!!!!!
(I struggled to eat much of this plate......but it sure is pretty.) An added bonus to a buffet. You can take anything that catches your eye and NOT feel to guilty if you leave a piece of cake. 
I did eat the ENTIRE slice of Raspberry Cheesecake!!!! Generally one of my vices. 

WOW...what a full day! Evening ended with a fill to my water bottle from the FREE beverage area before heading to the room and a landing softly into that WONDERFUL big bed. 

The following morning...I found George Jr. getting into the goodies...

 Up to now...we only have paid for our tips....Get out of there George.
Ahhhhh!!! What a wonderful break from a usually stressful week. Thanks Lago for the great time.