Sunday, October 15, 2017

Whats been going on?

Central NY
October 1-15th

There has been no trips taken over these last few weeks. I have continued to be BLAH!!! Increased stress at the job and lack of motivation has continued to haunt me during what has historically been my favorite time of year.
Last weekend I managed to get out of the house and attend one of those Lularoe Parties that I have avoided multiple times in the past. Somehow I got sucked in and spent nearly $99- on leggings that I can only wear lounging around my house. Some people, (myself included), just cannot pull off wearing leggings. Well at least they are cute.....

House cleaning and organizing for the fall season took up some of my time. I also completed my first college paper since 2010. Mark and I spent several hours last Sunday planning trips for the RV next summer. We were only successful in booking one trip, as most places are closed for the season. We do have our big RV adventure planned for late August in the Cape, (Cape Cod) and have tentative plans for Eastern NY near Saratoga, Western NY near Letchworth State Park, and I am insisting on a fall trip to the Adirondacks. 
Mark also has been presented with two Casino funded cruises. We still have our four rooms paid for from last year and now we have two more vouchers, so 2018 will indeed be the year of the TRAVEL. 
We have discussed a family cruise in June to Bermuda and doing something just Mark and I in the fall/winter. I imagine there will be several trips taken next year. 

Friday evening Mark and I joined some of my co-workers at The Fireside Inn in Baldwinsville NY. Co-worker and friend AnneMarie had won a company buffet from a local paper called table hopper.    

This was great fun to spend time with co-workers but the actual event was poorly run. Apparently the host (Table Hopper) I am assuming. Did not estimate the actual number of people attending and by the time our table got to the buffet they had run out of the main course. The Fireside hostess was rude and basically out of control when assigning tables and I have to say it was quite disappointing to anticipate having a meal and the restaurant running out of food.  I would assume that the purpose of the free office party was for exposure for the restaurant. Unfortunately it left many of us feeling unlikely to  return. 

Monday evening was spent out for another co-worker Birthday. This time it was Becky's and we went to Dominick's.

 The Birthday celebrations have become a nice tradition for us at work.

Dinner was delicious. I had the fettuccine alfredo, but everyone's mean looked yummy.

Aimee let me try a bite of her steak. I know what I will get next time. YUM!!! There was so much food. I had left overs for lunch the next day. 
We enjoyed each other's company and sang Happy Birthday to Becky. 

This Friday the 13th  my girlfriends and I went to Aimee's house for what I named the "Jason is coming" Party. 
There was lots of wine, pizza and boneless wings. NO blood or hockey masks. Great fun with some these ladies that have continued to be close friends. Never have I had as close friends from my work people as several of these ladies. 

 There was a lot of alcohol consumed.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling pretty sick. At first I thought maybe it was "hang over". I did consume a ton of wine, but after I threw up a few dozen times. I realized I was just regular sick. I had to CA my plans to go with Mark to Saratoga and spent my Saturday in bed.
Sunday was better, but the week begins again tomorrow. WAHHH! Well that is what has been going on. TTFN

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A little Fall fun after a bout of end of summer depression.

September 30th 2017
Long Acre Farms
Macedon, NY

I have been a slug the last few weeks. Stuck in a terrible funk with a side of I just don't give a BLEEP. It feels like I  spent the last two weeks dragging myself through the day and ending those days early snuggled deep within the sheets. I was hating my job..dreading going to school...eating everything in sight...watching way to many hours of tv...and my weekend included movements from the couch to the bed with an occasional stop at the fridge. I did pull myself out one Friday night to attend Bunco, but only because I felt obligated. I can't even blame the weather for my was in the 90's for most of the week...and Fall weather has always been one of my favorites. As I type I am still not 100% clear of a dose of the bleep its, but I did manage to get enough of a kick start to push myself through my college class on Thursday, attend an informative film on addiction with some co-workers on Wednesday and made it out the door with some friends (co-workers) on Saturday for some fall fun.
Wednesday, Barb, Aimee and I hit the east side of Syracuse after work and had dinner at The Taste of Philadelphia before heading to the Palace theater to watch a documentary on Addiction presented by my former employer. "Reversing the Stigma." was informative and I was able to visit with some former co-workers.

 The steak sandwich was AMAZING!!! I also ran into an old friend while there. Nice to catch up. Hi Susan.

It was great fun to get out with these lovely ladies.  Viewing of the film and meeting with old co-workers, add seeing a former client who has beaten the odd and now working as a counselor himself was a reminder that I may want to re-evaluate where I am putting my energy employment wise. Should I return to addiction treatment and the clinical world?   (Crickets chirp.)

I did manage to drag myself through another late evening of class. I still feel to old to be doing this, but I made it. Class ended at 10pm on the dot. BUT we have no class next week so I am glad to have a little reprieve.

Friday I started reading a Stephen King novel. Its been along time since I read, just to read. I had suggested to friends that we do a Stephen King club. Read any SK novel/book and then we exchange. I purchased Bag of Bone's and have gotten about 1/4th read.

Saturday after some convincing both from my co-workers and hubby I met up with Stefanie and Amiee for a day of fall events...and wine.

Stefanie had found this fall festival located in Macedon NY. I had never even heard of this town before she had mentioned it. Well, why not I thought. And I didn't have to drive. Off we went.

Long Acre farms is about an hour and 1/2 west of Syracuse, NY. We took the thruway, a few back roads and we were there.

First activity included saying hello to the goats.

 We enjoyed feeding them with a pully system that went to the top where these guys awaited the tasty goat pellets.
 Here's Stefanie is turning the crank to feed the goat at the top and there it goes. Must taste pretty good.
 Up next was wine tasting at JD Cellars.

 Four dollars got us five tastes. We all went with sweet.
 One of the favorites. Raspberry Romp. We purchased two chilled bottles for immediate consumption and I took two home for later.
Along with the wine, the three of us sought out stone cooked Pizza. YUMMY!!! YUMMY! YUMMY!

 Gluttony at it's finest.

 We had spent some time consuming wine, eating and enjoying each other's company when we decided that perhaps we should engage in some of the area activities.

 Fun decorations lined the area. A little grave yard, a measuring stick.
The pumpkin nursery rhymes. It took a bit for us to determine what was what, but I think we were spot on. 
Rub a dub dub....the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.

 Little Bo Peep....

 Humpty Dumpty...

Hickory Dickory Dock...the mouse went up the clock. 

Little boy Blue. 

 This one had us a little stumped......til ah ha...Jack and Jill. (Jack not only broke his crown he flat out passed out.)

This one had us a little confused too. Can you guess? Lets just say that knife does not look like a carving knife...but more like a machete carried by a crazed killer...those poor blind mice. 

Ba Ba black sheep.

........and finally Little Miss Muffet

There were tons of fun things for kids to do. Of course we attempted to do them too.

 Lets spin the wheel....Wine tasting was not on the dial.
 Hi Amiee and Amiee and Amiee,,,,,,
 Just in case you had to much wine.
We decided to purchase the $12- wrist bands to gain us access on the hay ride, the cow train and the Corn Maze....

Up first was the Hay ride without the hay...When we missed the tractor by a large crowd...we decided that we needed to attempt the cow train....Yes...this is actually for little kids. BUT don't tell us that.

We arrived back from our train ride with only minutes before we were off to the hay ride. (Just why do they call them hay rides when there is never any hay on them?)

The ride was BUMPY....but enjoyable. Included in the scenic back roads was a speaker informing us about the farm. The introduction of grapes and wine as well as the family history. 

At one point the narrator began to speak and it spooked me enough to scare Stefanie. No more wine for me.
 The farm is sure pretty.

Full of farm knowledge and a nice view of the farm, we simply had to try the corn cannon.

There were no pumpkins won....

Sadly none of us hit the target and won a pumpkin. 

Up next was the Maize Maze....(Get it????)

 We were shown a sky view of the corn. It looks pretty difficult to me, but Stefanie felt confident. Average time 1.5 hours.

 I always thought to stay to one direction as much as possible. Stefanie lead us easily around.

 We found our mailbox clues.
AHHH!!! Lost in the corn maze. 
We eventually found our way out. It's not to difficult when you cheat and go though the employee exit. 

After the maze we searched out the jumpy pillow and a few other fun activities. like this spider web.

 and these bike quads.
How about some water paints....
 and a duck race.
 some swings....
 and a few climbing things...

 We ended this lovely day with a sit by the dying fire, that smelled so incredibly like fall.

I caught a few pictures of these gourds and pumpkins just as we were leaving....

Such a nice way to break up my blahs....I have to say it worked a little to get my head out of my slump. I guess I realize that I really need to keep exploring, keep taking adventures no matter how small, This is what is important to me, just having fun living in the experience. I have vowed to make each day, no matter how mundane no matter how unexciting, just like an adventure.  

As I write this post I learn of the horrific tragedy that happened in Las Vegas. Prayers and thoughts to the family's and friends whose lives were directly impacted by this selfish act. I am devastated by these events and heartened by the senseless violence.   God Bless.